(Out Of Business)
Brew Pub/Brewery

Commenced brewing 1994 at the Griffin Inn. Pub and brewing were sold to Penine Ales in 2007
Porter Bitter (retired) 3.82/21/2005Rate 2.792
Porter Dark Mild (retired) 3.33/15/2004Rate 3.052
Porter Floral Dance (retired) 3.65/22/2005Rate 3.024
Porter Pitch Porter (retired) 5.07/29/2007Rate 3.033
Porter Pushing The Boundaries (retired) 7.67/29/2007Rate 2.841
Porter Rossendale Ale (retired) 4.25/22/2005Rate 2.953
Porter Sunshine (retired) 5.37/20/2004Rate 2.97
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