Red Rose 34th Street 4.52/8/2009Rate 2.825
Red Rose Accrington Stanley Promotion Ale 3.69/29/2007Rate 2.921
Red Rose Care Taker of History 6.06/6/2004Rate 3.094010
Red Rose Challenger 3.87/25/2007Rate 2.921
Red Rose Cold Turkey 3.86/8/2006Rate 2.82
Red Rose Felix 4.23/10/2006Rate 2.642
Red Rose Festival Ale 3.82/8/2009Rate 2.715
Red Rose Fuggles 3.83/15/2007Rate 2.731
Red Rose Hell & Heaven 3.911/17/2007Rate 2.771
Red Rose Junipers Ale 4.15/14/2007Rate 2.581
Red Rose Knockerupperale 3.95/15/2005Rate 2.811
Red Rose Lancashire and Yorkshire Aleway 4.58/3/2005Rate 3.13
Red Rose Milltown Malt Brown Ale 3.95/14/2003Rate 2.541
Red Rose Old Ben 4.33/10/2006Rate 2.824011
Red Rose Old Demdyke 4.63/11/2006Rate 2.782
Red Rose Older Empire IPA 5.55/11/2005Rate 2.862
Red Rose Paddy OHackers Genuine Irish Stout 4.62/5/2007Rate 2.916
Red Rose Pissed Over Pendle 4.44/18/2006Rate 3.071
Red Rose Quaffing Ale 3.83/10/2006Rate 2.612
Red Rose Richmond 3.810/26/2006Rate 2.841
Red Rose Target 3.83/22/2007Rate 2.714
Red Rose Treacle Miners Tipple 3.911/3/2004Rate 2.967

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