Richbrau Abbey-Style Ale (retired) 73/14/2009Rate 2.843
Richbrau Alley Oop Ale (retired) 4.73/24/2005Rate 2.996
Richbrau Altbier (retired) 5.51/31/2007Rate 3.067
Richbrau Amber Lager (retired) 58/17/2009Rate 2.845
Richbrau Attack of the Bloob Blueberry Wheat Ale (retired) 5.59/9/2006Rate 3.024
Richbrau Barleywine (retired) 12.36/19/2000Rate 3.3823223
Richbrau Belgian-Style Holiday Ale (retired) 7.612/18/2003Rate 2.684
Richbrau Big Gnarly Barleywine (retired) 11.85/25/2006Rate 3.24762510
Richbrau Big Nastika Dessert Porter (retired) 71/5/2010Rate 2.984
Richbrau Big Nasty Porter (retired) 6.46/19/2000Rate 3.18694442
Richbrau Brown Ale (retired) 5.711/12/2007Rate 2.745
Richbrau Cream Ale (retired) 5.66/19/2005Rate 2.532
Richbrau DAle Saison (retired) 4.56/19/2005Rate 3.031
Richbrau Dark Lager (retired) 5.11/16/2009Rate 3.124
Richbrau Double Pilsner (retired) 7.711/12/2007Rate 2.54
Richbrau Dunkelweizen (retired) 6.23/24/2005Rate 2.914
Richbrau E. S. Kellys Springtime Stout (retired) 4.35/24/2006Rate 3.16664515
Richbrau Griffin Golden Ale (retired) 5.26/19/2000Rate 2.64201740
Richbrau Hefeweizen (retired) 5.56/14/2001Rate 3.3708415
Richbrau Hogwash IPA (retired) 76/27/2004Rate 3.298
Richbrau Hop Hog IPA (retired) 7/20/2002Rate 3.331
Richbrau Imperial Stout (retired) 8.25/22/2005Rate 3.114
Richbrau IPA (retired) 6.26/19/2000Rate 3.37876437
Richbrau Kentucky Stout (retired) 12/23/2001Rate 3.181
Richbrau Kölsch (retired) 4.72/15/2004Rate 2.596
Richbrau Kristallweizen (retired) 6/24/2006Rate 3.016
Richbrau Lager (retired) 5.21/9/2007Rate 2.593
Richbrau Maibock (retired) 75/15/2007Rate 2.926
Richbrau Nut Brown Ale (retired) 4.49/26/2002Rate 3.0755539
Richbrau Oatmeal Stout (retired) 8/31/2001Rate 3.19654414
Richbrau Oktoberfest (retired) 5.810/5/2003Rate 3.06527313
Richbrau Old Nick Pale Ale (retired) 5.56/15/2001Rate 2.83353738
Richbrau Phoenix Farmhouse Ale (retired) 5.68/26/2006Rate 2.985
Richbrau Pilsner Boheme (retired) 11/1/2008Rate 2.923
Richbrau Pre-Prohibition Pils (retired) 69/9/2004Rate 2.925
Richbrau Pumpkin Wheat Ale (retired) 5.712/18/2001Rate 3.367
Richbrau Raspberry Wheat Ale (retired) 5.510/5/2003Rate 3.234
Richbrau Red Ale (retired) 7/20/2002Rate 2.661
Richbrau Red Menace (retired) 6/19/2000Rate 0
Richbrau Rye Ale (retired) 4.88/29/2001Rate 0
Richbrau Santa’s Little Helper Belgian-Style White Ale (retired) 5.76/19/2000Rate 3.2667511
Richbrau Scotch Ale (retired) 98/31/2001Rate 3.126
Richbrau Scottish Ale (retired) 7/5/2008Rate 2.864
Richbrau Seven Barleywine (retired) 98/31/2001Rate 3.411
Richbrau Shockoe Espresso Stout (retired) 4.93/21/2001Rate 3.35866715
Richbrau Shockoe Latte Stout (retired) 4.88/28/2009Rate 3.1868409
Richbrau Shockoe Pale Ale (retired) 6/19/2000Rate 0
Richbrau Summer Wheat (retired) 5.27/3/2009Rate 2.845
Richbrau Taylor Made Light Lager (retired) 4.36/10/2007Rate 2.24
Richbrau The Ampaler (retired) 5.62/1/2008Rate 32
Richbrau Vanilla Bean Stout (retired) 5.38/26/2006Rate 3.245
Richbrau Varietal IPA (alias) (retired) 6/12/2007
Richbrau Violet Beauregardes Blueberry Wheat Ale (retired) 4.98/31/2001Rate 3.32
Richbrau Wheat Stout (retired) 5.31/9/2007Rate 3.324
Richbrau Winter Warmer (retired) 6.52/1/2008Rate 2.746

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