Rooie Dop

(Out Of Business)

Until 2014 brewed at de Molen. From 2015 joined at RUIG in Maarssen. In 2016 merging with RUIG to form Oproer
Rooie Dop / Frontaal Funk Junkie 5.09/18/2014Rate 3.3777229
Rooie Dop / Frontaal Mixed Emotions 5.09/18/2014Rate 3.7974733
Rooie Dop / Hair Of The Dog / RUIG Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale 9.08/30/2015Rate 3.41813834
Rooie Dop / RUIG Smoked Session Oatmeal Stout 3.96/28/2015Rate 3.0542229
Rooie Dop 24/7 India Session Ale 4.46/30/2015Rate 3.39806516
Rooie Dop Funky Acid Cheeks (retired) 5.07/4/2013Rate 3.71974925
Rooie Dop Hop to the Wild (retired) 5.07/4/2013Rate 3.134
Rooie Dop Strung Out Cherries (retired) 5.07/4/2013Rate 3.3683610
Rooie Dop / Cervejaria Tupiniquim Back To Black (retired) 8.68/10/2014Rate 3.659549103
Rooie Dop 24/7 Session Ale (retired) 4.96/1/2013Rate 3.488785182
Rooie Dop Chica Americana IPA (retired) 7.13/15/2012Rate 3.549185327
Rooie Dop Double Oatmeal Stout (retired) 9.64/5/2012Rate 3.699660321
Rooie Dop Double Oatmeal Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged (retired) 9.63/23/2013Rate 3.959994126
Rooie Dop Final Countdown Winter Saison (retired) 6.57/8/2014Rate 3.327145127
Rooie Dop Ot The Explorer Double IPA (retired) 8.76/1/2013Rate 3.739790181
Rooie Dop Ot The Explorer Double IPA Festival Edition (alias) 8.79/29/2014
Rooie Dop The Daily Grind (retired) 6.511/8/2012Rate 3.327151192
Rooie Dop Utrecht Strong Ale (retired) 9.111/8/2012Rate 3.69480190
Rooie Dop Briket (retired)
Brewed at Oersoep
4.59/5/2014Rate 3.29754811
Rooie Dop Crazy White Rabbit (retired)
Brewed at Oersoep
8.03/27/2014Rate 3.42866811
Rooie Dop Oer Supa Dupa (retired)
Brewed at Oersoep
3.55/22/2014Rate 0
Rooie Dop Chica Americana
Brewed at Ramses Bier
6.68/30/2015Rate 3.28644113

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