Russell Brewing Company


Located in Strawberry Hill, Surrey, British Columbia, Russell Brewing Company has been brewing premium craft beer since 1995 using the finest ingredients available. Our beer is 100% natural and has no preservatives. We don’t pasteurize, which means we don’t kill the taste. You drink our beer just the way it is brewed. Fanatical about beer, we believe that the passion and quality that goes into creating Russell beer comes through in the taste.
Guuud! Ale 5.08/21/2011Rate 2.776
Russell / Storm Big Smoke Ale 8.512/6/2011Rate 3.24744433
Russell 19th Anniversary IP G’Day Australian Hopped IPA 6.511/1/2014Rate 3.53918511
Russell 6.26 17th Anniversary Scotch Ale 6.57/7/2012Rate 3.25644223
Russell A Wee Angry Scotch Ale 6.53/13/2010Rate 3.25614188
Russell Amber Ale (retired) 5.012/16/2002Rate 2.957
Russell Anders & Jack’s Ordinary Bitter 3.14/25/2011Rate 2.811
Russell Black Death 6.59/14/2008Rate 3.07432056
Russell Blood Alley Bitter 5.51/11/2011Rate 3.33719381
Russell Brewmaster Series Summer Daze Saison 6.07/6/2013Rate 2.75
Russell Brewmaster Series Truth Serum Wheat Wine Ale 102/5/2013Rate 3.11501213
Russell Brewmaster Series White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen 6.05/11/2014Rate 3.47879737
Russell Cactus Lime Lager 5.06/23/2009Rate 2.2593010
Russell Christmas Ale (alias) 7.511/18/2004
Russell Cream Ale 5.02/18/2003Rate 2.7119736
Russell Eastern Promises Czech Pilsner 5.08/19/2013Rate 2.91315022
Russell Extra Special Lager 5.02/16/2005Rate 2.44123316
Russell Farm Fresh IPA 6.511/8/2015Rate 3.22573512
Russell Golden Ale (retired) -1/9/2003Rate 2.731
Russell Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale 5.59/27/2015Rate 2.996
Russell Hochziitsbier The Wedding Beer 5.010/4/2015Rate 2.913
Russell Honey Blonde Ale 5.06/13/2004Rate 2.55181318
Russell Hop Therapy Double IPA 9.012/1/2012Rate 3.37843936
Russell Hop Therapy India Session Ale 4.53/9/2014Rate 3.55919418
Russell Hot Jam (retired) 5.08/7/2005Rate 2.73
Russell Ice Bock 8.010/21/2011Rate 2.731
Russell IP’eh 6.55/7/2009Rate 3.16492683
Russell Kettle Sour 5.05/11/2016Rate 2.938
Russell Lemon Ale -6/3/2003Rate 2.47133918
Russell Lemon Jalapeño Ale (retired) -7/10/2004Rate 2.832
Russell Lemon Wheat Ale -8/19/2013Rate 0
Russell Luck of the Irish 5.03/20/2013Rate 3.12467717
Russell Lychee Peach Ale (retired) -9/10/2006Rate 2.961
Russell Marzen 5.510/30/2009Rate 3.22579134
Russell Naughty & Spiced Porter 6.512/2/2012Rate 3.25614424
Russell Nautical Disaster Barleywine 9.36/2/2013Rate 3.11491412
Russell Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine 1012/12/2011Rate 3.26712825
Russell North Star Stout 6.01/26/2015Rate 2.913
Russell Oak Aged Wheat Wine (alias) 9.012/12/2011
Russell Pale Ale -6/2/2008Rate 2.5916411
Russell Peaks and Valleys Locally Hopped Extra Pale Ale 5.71/31/2015Rate 3.44848615
Russell Punch Bowl Grapefruit IPA 6.57/10/2016Rate 3.022
Russell Punch Bowl North West IPA 6.54/6/2015Rate 3.53908528
Russell Rick August Russian Imperial Stout 10.85/28/2012Rate 3.4872916
Russell Rocky Mountain Pilsner 5.08/1/2010Rate 2.49112518
Russell Smokey the Beer 5.311/26/2013Rate 3.14483220
Russell St. Nick’s Oaked Spiced Porter 6.512/30/2011Rate 3.1549349
Russell Summer Ale 5.26/18/2014Rate 2.661
Russell Timbertrain Coffee Stout 6.512/4/2015Rate 3.5899612
Russell Twig & Berries 5.04/19/2016Rate 2.697
Russell White Peach Honey Blonde (retired) 5.08/6/2007Rate 2.172
Russell Winter Porter 7.512/16/2002Rate 2.8935913
VCBW 2012 Cascadian Brown Ale Collaboration (retired) 5.55/11/2012Rate 3.06484818

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