Saku Õlletehas (Carlsberg)

Commercial Brewery

Note: Some or all cider-like products from this producer has been determined to not fullfill the criteria to be listed as a cider on this site. If adding a new cider, please verify that it fulfill the criteria. Also be cautioned that it may be unlisted without notice.
Aldaris 1865
Brewed by/for Aldaris (Carlsberg)
4.85/5/2015Rate 2.63154218
Aldaris Dižais Gambrinus
Brewed by/for Aldaris (Carlsberg)
55/21/2013Rate 2.37102420
Aldaris Izlases Kiršu
Brewed by/for Aldaris (Carlsberg)
4.54/3/2016Rate 2.96
Aldaris Izlases Lāgers
Brewed by/for Aldaris (Carlsberg)
54/3/2016Rate 2.8728989
Aldaris Izlases Nefiltrētais
Brewed by/for Aldaris (Carlsberg)
5.24/3/2016Rate 2.657
Carlsberg Carls Selection Sweet Stout
Brewed by/for Carlsberg Brewery
4.29/9/2015Rate 2.5713246
Euro Beer (retired) 4.71/8/2008Rate 2.215
Saku 1820 Eripruul 4.811/18/2015Rate 2.4811889
Saku 7.5 (retired) 7.59/4/2000Rate 2.464
Saku Abbey (retired) 5.32/18/2007Rate 2.77261432
Saku Alkoholivaba Õlu 0.37/24/2015Rate 2.457
Saku Antvärk American Ale (alias) 56/10/2016
Saku Blond (retired) 4.96/14/2005Rate 2.226
Saku Blond Ice (retired) 510/25/2005Rate 1.958
Saku D-Light Beer+Caffeine (retired) 410/9/2007Rate 2.225
Saku D-Light Beer+Cola (retired) 2.97/15/2008Rate 2.126
Saku D-Light Beer+Grapefruit (retired) 2.95/26/2009Rate 2.184
Saku D-Light Beer+Lemon (retired) 2.97/10/2006Rate 1.731218
Saku D-Light Beer+Pomegranate 42/18/2007Rate 1.9222621
Saku DLight Guilty Pineapple & Grapefruit (retired) 2.95/5/2014Rate 1.96
Saku Export Lager (retired) 56/14/2005Rate 2.068
Saku Hard Rock (retired) 7.53/25/2002Rate 2.2598814
Saku Hele 5.28/20/2000Rate 2.48111579
Saku Humal & Oder Ale 510/16/2014Rate 2.6616435
Saku Humal & Oder Lager 54/15/2014Rate 2.69184532
Saku Humal & Oder Pilsner 54/15/2014Rate 2.49122629
Saku Jõuluporter (retired) 811/18/2000Rate 3.044
Saku Jõulupruul (retired) 5.511/19/2008Rate 2.83303611
Saku Kapten (alias) (retired) 8.811/29/2008
Saku Kapteni Kange 71/25/2014Rate 1.832212
Saku Kapteni Pilsner 4.210/13/2010Rate 2.0744610
Saku Karl Friedrich 53/1/2012Rate 2.2671490
Saku Kiss Appledog (retired) 4.58/4/2013 U  2.475
Saku Kiss Cider Apple 4.54/7/2014 U  2.51141710
Saku Kiss Cider Cherry (alias) 4.52/4/2012
Saku Kiss Cider Pear 4.51/29/2008 U  2.3193439
Saku Kiss Cider Plum (alias) 4.52/4/2012
Saku Kiss Cider Strawberry 4.52/4/2012 U  0
Saku Kiss Fiesta 4.55/13/2015 U  3.041
Saku Kiss Premium Dry Cider 53/19/2011 U  2.57162113
Saku Klassik (retired) 510/1/2010Rate 2.5315212
Saku Koduõlu 4.83/13/2013Rate 3.14473490
Saku Kuld 5.212/25/2005Rate 2.26770209
Saku Kuld Export 4.54/7/2007Rate 2.1765937
Saku Kuld Filtreerimata 59/13/2012Rate 2.5614425
Saku Kuld Juubeli (alias) 5.26/20/2010
Saku Kuld Juubeli Eripruul 5.62/4/2015Rate 2.53139113
Saku Kuld Kultuuriaasta Mahe Eripruul (retired) 54/4/2011Rate 2.1465311
Saku Kuld Mahe Eripruul (retired) 5.27/29/2008Rate 2.326
Saku Le Mans (retired) 4.22/1/2013Rate 2.63181119
Saku Legend 8/14/2011Rate 2.777
Saku Lite (retired) 4.210/15/2009Rate 23409
Saku Mäger (retired) 4.88/1/2004Rate 2.2887412
Saku Mesine Pirn 4.53/10/2015 U  0
Saku Mõdu 44/17/2011Rate 2.5112438
Saku Mõdu Jõulupruul (retired) 411/4/2011Rate 2.727
Saku Õ (retired) 4.53/29/2012Rate 2.167
Saku On Ice 51/18/2002Rate 1.9933951
Saku On Ice Black (retired) 57/10/2010Rate 2.147110
Saku On Ice Dragon (retired) 4.56/19/2004Rate 2.343
Saku On Ice Granaatõun (alias) 46/3/2015
Saku On Ice Laimiga (retired) 51/18/2002Rate 2.243
Saku On Ice Tsitrus 46/3/2015Rate 1.9323114
Saku Originaal (- 2015) (retired) 4.69/4/2000Rate 2.07445296
Saku Originaal (2016- ) 4.73/19/2016Rate 2.381715
Saku Originaal Ehe (retired) 4.74/28/2011Rate 2.1465210
Saku Originaal Export 5.210/15/2011Rate 2.266325
Saku Pilsener (alias) (retired) 4.49/4/2000
Saku Pilsner 4.24/4/2012Rate 2.135749
Saku Pilvine Õun 4.53/8/2015Rate 3.08435712
Saku Praha (retired) 4.89/2/2011Rate 2.2897513
Saku Presidendi 10 (retired) 1010/5/2003Rate 2.2482624
Saku Presidendi 5 (retired) 53/13/2009Rate 2.2887414
Saku Presidendi 8 84/29/2004Rate 2.2472715
Saku Presidendi Pilsner (retired) 4.28/5/2003Rate 2.115631
Saku Pühadeporter (2014) (retired) 6.911/2/2014Rate 3.12451715
Saku Pühadeporter 12 Kuud (alias) 6.91/9/2014
Saku Pühadepruul 5.311/8/2014Rate 2.2877317
Saku Punane (retired) 510/5/2010Rate 2.66204511
Saku Püssirohi (alias) 58/20/2003
Saku Püssirohu Punane 58/17/2003Rate 2.66169510
Saku Reval (retired) 5.48/20/2000Rate 2.57
Saku Rock 5.39/4/2000Rate 2.14554160
Saku Rock Limited Edition (alias) 5.35/13/2009
Saku Rock Pepper (retired) 5.38/20/2006Rate 2.2810109
Saku Rock Platinum Edition (alias) 5.39/10/2006
Saku Rock Special Edition (alias) 5.34/14/2009
Saku Sack bei Reval (retired) 56/28/2002Rate 2.537
Saku Sarvik (retired) 7.89/4/2000Rate 2.258
Saku Sorts (retired) 811/14/2002Rate 2.4312113
Saku Strong (retired) 68/4/2003Rate 2.465
Saku Stuttgart (alias) 55/16/2012
Saku Taurus 711/23/2004Rate 2.151387
Saku Taurus 10 (retired) 107/27/2009Rate 2.397
Saku Taurus Lager 54/20/2014Rate 2.375
Saku The Cream of Dublin 4.22/19/2011Rate 2.58131297
Saku The Taste of Manchester 4.29/2/2011Rate 2.48112963
Saku Tokyo (retired) 59/26/2013Rate 2.1665718
Saku Tume 6.711/18/2000Rate 3.054149260
Saku Valge (retired) 5.25/22/2004Rate 2.9364161
Saku Vergi Extra 5.27/27/2011Rate 2.1365012
Saku Kali 0.58/31/2010Rate 2.44108820
Saku Nisuõlu 53/6/2016Rate 2.93324112
Saku Antvärk Citra IPA (alias) 62/27/2016
Saku D-Light Beer+Wild Cherry (alias) (retired) 2.96/6/2011
Saku Humal & Oder Dark Lager 5.79/21/2015Rate 2.59141421
Saku Humal & Oder IPA 69/18/2015Rate 2.8929639
Saku Originaal Non Alcoholic Beer (retired) 0.511/12/2007Rate 1.9124113
Saku Porter 6.99/25/2000Rate 3.387844357
Saku Pühadeporter (alias) 6.910/21/2011
Saku Pühadeporter Valge Šokolaadi (retired) 6.910/26/2012Rate 3.13512321
Saku Radler Greibi (alias) 23/22/2013
Saku Radler Sidruni (alias) 25/23/2012
Saku Talve Porter 6.911/10/2010Rate 3.11461839
Saku Rock Zero (retired) 7/16/2011Rate 2.018
Saku 2,8 (retired) 2.85/17/2012Rate 2.346

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