Shakespeare Barraclough Lager 4.310/25/2001Rate 2.74256610
Shakespeare Bottoms Up 6.010/25/2001Rate 3.382
Shakespeare Dogberry Pale Ale 5.51/16/2012Rate 3.014
Shakespeare Draught 4.010/25/2001Rate 2.38
Shakespeare Endless Summer Pilsner 4.29/21/2013Rate 2.684
Shakespeare Falstaffs Real Ale 4.510/25/2001Rate 3.13555010
Shakespeare Hop Doggie IPA 5.37/31/2013Rate 2.841
Shakespeare Jester Pils 4.05/31/2015Rate 2.961
Shakespeare King Lear Old Ale 8.04/8/2002Rate 3.17623812
Shakespeare Kubee Czech Pilsner 5.07/31/2013Rate 2.871
Shakespeare Lions Pride 6.06/30/2005Rate 2.23
Shakespeare Macbeths Red Ale 4.010/25/2001Rate 2.9541439
Shakespeare Murtagh Stout -4/6/2013Rate 2.863
Shakespeare New Zealand Pale -3/15/2013Rate 2.731
Shakespeare Old Gobbos Nice Weiss 6.12/17/2008Rate 2.583
Shakespeare Pistols Old Soldier 6.310/9/2001Rate 3.2667549
Shakespeare Pucks Fundemental 8.010/25/2001Rate 2.953
Shakespeare Pucks Pixil(l)ation 11.16/30/2005Rate 3.2674211
Shakespeare Regans Raspberry Weiss 4.32/14/2008Rate 2.464
Shakespeare Sauvin Smash 5.05/31/2015Rate 3.091
Shakespeare Shylocks Light (retired) 3.010/25/2001Rate 2.841
Shakespeare South Star Pale Ale -4/6/2013Rate 2.917
Shakespeare Summers Day Bohemian Lager 5.510/25/2001Rate 2.94385810
Shakespeare The Antipodean Fresh Hop APA 6.25/13/2016Rate 3.072
Shakespeare The Bastard Red IPA 5.85/31/2015Rate 3.155
Shakespeare Willpower Stout 4.010/25/2001Rate 2.85331014
Shakespeare Yippy IPA 6.48/20/2014Rate 2.791
.Associated place: Shakespeare Tavern and Brewery.
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