Cervisiam / SKA Cervisiska Belgian - Amerian Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Cervisiam
5.85/26/2016Rate 3.127
SKA (Bobby) Angels Saison (retired) 4.54/21/2009Rate 2.81
SKA "10" 5.24/1/2015Rate 2.932
SKA / DC Brau / Pietasters Taster’s Choice 7.410/21/2013Rate 3.026
SKA / Devils Backbone / Gordon Biersch Kurr’s Light 3.04/16/2016Rate 2.981
SKA / Nynäshamns Wipa Snapa White IPA 6.04/15/2014Rate 3.1352279
SKA Autumnal Mole Stout 5.59/20/2012Rate 3.296783224
SKA Belgian Amber (retired) -2/23/2009Rate 3.132
SKA Big Brown Rye (retired) -10/26/2012Rate 2.731
SKA Bump ‘N’ Grind 5.82/14/2016Rate 2.8526712
SKA Buster Nut Brown Ale 5.157/7/2000Rate 2.852618263
SKA Buster Nutcracker 9.812/22/2011Rate 3.155
SKA Cerveza de las Animas -11/13/2012Rate 2.871
SKA Cru D’état 11.510/11/2013Rate 3.66967515
SKA Daily Grind Stout -11/9/2015Rate 3.111
SKA DaSKAve de Fuego -11/26/2013Rate 2.981
SKA Decadent Imperial IPA 101/10/2005Rate 3.468644684
SKA Dementia 6.29/10/2010Rate 3.56929538
SKA Diff (retired) -3/10/2006Rate 3.097
SKA Down the Hatch -10/19/2014Rate 2.861
SKA Dragon Ass Doppelbock (retired) 9.14/13/2008Rate 2.573
SKA Eleventh Kiwi Saison 6.44/20/2016Rate 3.25
SKA Estival Cream Stout 5.87/5/2013Rate 3.48877643
SKA Euphoria Pale Ale 6.12/9/2006Rate 3.448486297
SKA Faeries Wear Boots Gingerbread Brown Ale 9.07/12/2012Rate 2.993
SKA FrankenSKA’s Monster Porter (retired) -11/5/2011Rate 2.811
SKA FreSKA -11/9/2015Rate 3.354
SKA Hello Dave 4.05/29/2014Rate 2.965
SKA Hibernal Vinifera Stout 8.012/23/2012Rate 3.569274217
SKA Hop Ivy 6.16/6/2016Rate 2.964
SKA Hyper Fierce Gnar Gnar Hefe 5.012/29/2009Rate 0
SKA India Pale Lager (IPL) 4.86/24/2015Rate 2.921
SKA Insider Apple Ale (retired) -12/4/2009Rate 2.791
SKA Insubstantial Pale Ale 4.06/20/2013Rate 32
SKA Local Series #01 (Spiced Belgian-Style Blonde) (retired) -10/7/2010Rate 2.881
SKA Local Series #02/09 (Double Chocolate Stout) (retired) -5/21/2008Rate 3.031
SKA Local Series #03/08 (Pilsener Import Style) (retired) -5/20/2008Rate 2.782
SKA Local Series #04 (Watermelon Wheat) (retired) -12/25/2007Rate 2.731
SKA Local Series #05 (Jay Tea Ale) (retired) -10/7/2010Rate 0
SKA Local Series #06 (Strong Scotch Ale) (retired) 8.012/22/2007Rate 3.542
SKA Local Series #07 (Cherry Double Cream Ale) (retired) -12/25/2007Rate 2.881
SKA Local Series #10 (Puck’s Potion) (retired) -11/19/2008Rate 2.881
SKA Local Series #11/13/17/20/22/23/24 (Hoperation Ivy) -10/11/2008Rate 3.33785055
SKA Local Series #12 (Merlo Stout) (retired) 9.69/9/2009Rate 3.57958435
SKA Local Series #14 (Oak-Aged Orange Cream Stout) (retired) 5.54/5/2010Rate 3.154
SKA Local Series #15 (Saison Du’Rango) (retired) -4/23/2010Rate 3.31834533
SKA Local Series #16 (Clancy’s Black Beer) (retired) -8/15/2010Rate 3.23748319
SKA Local Series #18 (Big Shikes Orange Blossom Imperial Pilsener) (retired) 8.75/24/2011Rate 3.08457513
SKA Local Series #19 (Sethvleteren 8) (retired) -9/11/2011Rate 3.23655821
SKA Local Series #21 (On The Sly Again) -10/11/2012Rate 3.13493615
SKA Mango Habanero Decadent IPA 102/24/2013Rate 2.951
SKA Mexican Logger 5.21/7/2003Rate 2.842662176
SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA 6.82/19/2009Rate 3.7397971167
SKA Modus Mandarina 6.84/15/2014Rate 3.458571131
SKA Modushead 6.83/19/2015Rate 2.881
SKA Monumentale 7.59/26/2015Rate 3.576
SKA Necherrious 8.03/10/2012Rate 2.973
SKA Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter 8.02/28/2004Rate 3.518943554
SKA Oaked Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter 8.012/26/2010Rate 2.932
SKA Old and Funky 113/9/2016Rate 2.981
SKA Pinstripe Red Ale 5.152/14/2002Rate 2.943339284
SKA Pocket Protector Porter 2.0 6.07/11/2013Rate 3.022
SKA Raspberry Pinstripe (retired) -10/29/2006Rate 2.881
SKA Royal Embalming Fluid Snowdown Brew (retired) -3/5/2009Rate 3.071
SKA Rudie Session IPA 4.58/9/2014Rate 3.48066189
SKA Ska Face 11.52/16/2015Rate 3.338
SKA SkaWork Orange Cream Stout -2/17/2012Rate 2.7826727
SKA Snowdown 2011-The One Eyed Monster (retired) -1/12/2012Rate 2.841
SKA Sour (retired) 6.51/5/2010Rate 3.13491143
SKA Sour Brown Ale (retired) 6.02/28/2010Rate 2.894
SKA Special ESB Ale 5.78/25/2003Rate 3.054145311
SKA Steel Toe Stout (Milk Stout) 5.45/29/2003Rate 3.347347306
SKA Strong Scotch Ale (Heaven Hill Barrel) (retired) 9.03/4/2009Rate 3.37795712
SKA Strong Scotch Ale (Peach Brandy Barrel) (retired) -2/23/2009Rate 3.162
SKA Ten Pin Porter 5.57/7/2000Rate 3.114627216
SKA The Skatalites Hi-Hop Ska Rye IPA 5.710/11/2014Rate 2.723
SKA The Toasters 30th Anniversary Shebeen IPA Black -2/22/2011Rate 3.26772518
SKA True Blonde Ale 5.37/7/2000Rate 2.832531326
SKA True Blonde Dubbel 8.06/14/2004Rate 3.124628211
SKA Vernal Minthe Stout 5.84/1/2013Rate 3.327487151
SKA Warning Sign Eisbock - 2006 (retired) 12.58/11/2006Rate 2.783
SKA WheelSucker Wheat 7.28/13/2009Rate 3.39799544
SKA Yeti Face Plant Ale (retired) -7/7/2000Rate 3.071
SKA / Cervisiam Cervisiska Belgian - Amerian Pale Ale
Brewed at Cervisiam
5.85/26/2016Rate 3.13

.Associated place: Ska Brewing Company.
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