Southport Scotch Ale (retired) -9/14/2009Rate 2.82
Southport #65 Dopplebock (retired) -10/18/2006Rate 3.062
Southport Apricotious Ale -12/19/2005Rate 2.935
Southport Big Chill -7/4/2001Rate 2.758
Southport Big Head Blonde -7/4/2001Rate 2.68202015
Southport Big Head Brewnette Brown Ale -7/4/2001Rate 2.77241013
Southport Bitter Commuter (retired) -7/4/2001Rate 2.892
Southport Black Rock Stout -6/29/2001Rate 2.7225415
Southport Blackstone Stout (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Bones Light (retired) -7/4/2001Rate 2.256
Southport Branford Red (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Builders Arm IPA (alias) -7/4/2001
Southport Connecticut Pale Ale -7/4/2001Rate 3.17584611
Southport Downtown Bulls Head Pale Ale (alias) -1/11/2002
Southport Downtown One-Way IPA (alias) -1/11/2002
Southport Downtown Stamford Red (alias) -1/11/2002
Southport Fairfield Red -7/4/2001Rate 2.7252016
Southport Gilbs Citra IPA 6.55/24/2015Rate 3.061
Southport Hefe Weizen (retired) -6/29/2001Rate 2.783
Southport Hydroponic White 5.27/14/2011Rate 2.85
Southport Ill Be Bock (alias) -7/4/2001
Southport Indian Neck IPA (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport KONG (retired) 145/20/2008Rate 2.993
Southport Maize -5/10/2014Rate 2.731
Southport Mashing Pumpkin Ale -7/4/2001Rate 3.045
Southport Melonhead Ale (retired) -7/4/2001Rate 2.852
Southport Milford Red (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Mill Hill Pilsener -7/4/2001Rate 2.68194510
Southport Moonshiner Bock (retired) -4/7/2006Rate 2.811
Southport Olde Blue Eyes Bluebeery Ale (retired) -7/4/2001Rate 2.792
Southport Palace Pilsener (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Pequot IPA -6/29/2001Rate 2.6523216
Southport Pipe Fitter 6.02/29/2012Rate 2.841
Southport Razzbeery Blonde Ale -7/4/2001Rate 2.495
Southport Rippowam Lager (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Saltonstall English Pale Ale (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Sasco Hill English Pale Ale -6/29/2001Rate 2.68222216
Southport South Porter (retired) -7/4/2001Rate 2.957
Southport Southtoberfest 8.57/4/2001Rate 3.125
Southport Summer Street IPA (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Sweet Emotion 5.54/16/2011Rate 2.324
Southport The Hill Pilsener (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Thimble Island Light (alias) -3/8/2006
Southport Tin Knocker -2/29/2012Rate 2.871
Southport Vienna Mild 5.06/13/2001Rate 2.733

.Places associated: Southport Brewing Company - Stamford, Southport Brewing Company - Branford, Southport Brewing Company - Milford, Southport Brewing Company.
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