San Francisco Brewers Guild Agent Orange (retired) 7.65/6/2011Rate 3.26
San Francisco Brewers Guild Green Death 2013 (retired) 7.752/4/2013Rate 3.1519810
San Francisco Brewers Guild Imperial Common (retired) 8.52/10/2010Rate 3.29769620
San Francisco Brewers Guild SF Strong Ale 2012 (retired) 8.452/23/2012Rate 3.074
Speakeasy / Shmaltz / Ninkasi Three Ring Circus (retired) 6.89/11/2012Rate 2.871
Speakeasy Baby Daddy Session IPA 4.66/29/2014Rate 3.5898881
Speakeasy Betrayal 8.26/26/2010Rate 3.56927295
Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA 6.55/1/2001Rate 3.4887771072
Speakeasy Big Daddy’s 25th Anniversary Wet Hop IPA 6.59/11/2012Rate 3.16
Speakeasy Big Matty (retired) 9.09/25/2013Rate 2.91
Speakeasy Black and White Cookie 6.33/4/2013Rate 3.36
Speakeasy Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout 6.92/15/2013Rate 3.72979770
Speakeasy Blind Tiger 9.89/14/2013Rate 3.71978839
Speakeasy Bootlegger Black Lager (retired) 5.29/19/2005Rate 3.26748320
Speakeasy Bourbon Barrel Aged Payback Porter (retired) 8.011/14/2010Rate 3.427
Speakeasy Brewer’s Reserve Old Godfather Barleywine 13.312/3/2009Rate 3.65958237
Speakeasy Butchertown Black Ale 8.29/15/2011Rate 3.69482152
Speakeasy Cement Shoes 8.23/9/2015Rate 3.182
Speakeasy Chai Spiced Payback Porter 7.511/28/2012Rate 32
Speakeasy Collaborative Evil San Francisco (retired) -11/20/2009Rate 2.91
Speakeasy Dolores Pale Ale (retired) 5.710/15/2011Rate 2.911
Speakeasy Double Blonde (retired) 9.09/1/2009Rate 3.1463929
Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA 8.59/22/2002Rate 3.639576692
Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA (Blood Orange) 8.54/19/2016Rate 3.111
Speakeasy Double Knock Pale Bock (retired) 6.35/2/2011Rate 2.841
Speakeasy Erotic Cake (retired) 6.912/18/2013Rate 3.263
Speakeasy Getaway IPA 5.23/30/2014Rate 0
Speakeasy Harvey Milk Stout 6.012/31/2014Rate 2.831
Speakeasy Hop Candy IPA (retired) 6.54/25/2009Rate 3.23754112
Speakeasy Hop Napalm IPA (retired) 9.54/25/2009Rate 3.05502010
Speakeasy Hunters Point Porter (alias) 7.512/12/2009
Speakeasy Hunters Point Porter (Aged on Cacao Nibs) (retired) 7.57/13/2009Rate 3.47929021
Speakeasy Hunters Point Porter Bourbon Barrel Aged (retired) 102/21/2009Rate 3.57954936
Speakeasy IIIPA (alias) 11.12/6/2010
Speakeasy Joe’s Ale of Strength 9.62/14/2015Rate 3.373
Speakeasy MacDougalls (retired) 8.012/8/2008Rate 3.254
Speakeasy Massacre Imperial Dark Wheat (retired) 9.02/21/2012Rate 3.36834210
Speakeasy Massacre Belgian Imperial Stout with Cherries (2016) 9.53/9/2016Rate 3.273
Speakeasy Metropolis 5.31/30/2014Rate 3.32709551
Speakeasy Mickey Finn Imperial Red (retired) 9.510/10/2009Rate 3.31762611
Speakeasy Midnight Run IBA (retired) 8.58/8/2009Rate 3.54947324
Speakeasy Millennium (retired) 7.511/29/2003Rate 3.151
Speakeasy Moll’s Mild (retired) -3/22/2010Rate 3.18
Speakeasy Old Godfather 9.51/5/2002Rate 3.438546305
Speakeasy Old Godfather (Apple Jack Barrel) (retired) 10.26/25/2009Rate 2.982
Speakeasy Old Godfather (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 9.56/16/2009Rate 3.466
Speakeasy Old Godfather (Oak Aged) (retired) -6/16/2009Rate 2.993
Speakeasy Payback Coffee Porter 7.512/21/2013Rate 3.69969818
Speakeasy Payback Porter 7.52/1/2007Rate 3.669698260
Speakeasy Payback Pumpkin Pie Porter 7.59/18/2015Rate 2.961
Speakeasy Perfect Crime - Discreet Wheat Ale 5.712/24/2015Rate 31
Speakeasy Perfect Crime - Juice Joint Kettle Sour 6.05/3/2016Rate 2.941
Speakeasy Pier 98 Rye Ale (retired) 5.59/11/2012Rate 2.854
Speakeasy Pink Boots Society 5.755/11/2015Rate 31
Speakeasy Pop Gun Pilsner 4.79/27/2015Rate 3.04418021
Speakeasy Prohibition Ale 6.15/1/2001Rate 3.529098760
Speakeasy Public Enemy Pilsner (retired) 5.08/26/2001Rate 3.05428211
Speakeasy Ritual Coffee Porter 7.53/9/2010Rate 3.36847515
Speakeasy Rum Runner Rye (retired) 8.15/19/2009Rate 3.47929633
Speakeasy Rye Pale (retired) 6.68/30/2012Rate 2.742
Speakeasy San Francisco Common Beer (Steam) (retired) 5.85/31/2000Rate 2.745
Speakeasy Satchmo Stout (retired) 6.57/1/2000Rate 3.37
Speakeasy Scarface (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 9.52/15/2013Rate 3.68965852
Speakeasy Scarface Imperial Stout 9.51/11/2010Rate 3.79761158
Speakeasy Scarletts Red Rye 5.59/1/2012Rate 3.286474130
Speakeasy SF Lager - Batch #1 (retired) 5.59/17/2013Rate 2.841
Speakeasy Shylock Maibock (retired) 7.511/27/2005Rate 0
Speakeasy Single Hopped Untouchable Pale Ale (retired) 5.512/3/2009Rate 2.861
Speakeasy Smoked Payback Porter 7.52/15/2013Rate 3.48898626
Speakeasy Smokonut 9.72/8/2015Rate 3.536
Speakeasy Snatch Racket IPL (retired) 6.55/8/2011Rate 2.945
Speakeasy Streetsweeper (retired) 10.56/8/2007Rate 3.163
Speakeasy Suds Session Ale 4.77/14/2015Rate 3.24594916
Speakeasy Sutros Coffin Varnish Stout (retired) 7.011/14/2011Rate 3.084
Speakeasy Syndicate No. 1 (retired) 10.512/10/2013Rate 3.63958418
Speakeasy Syndicate No. 2 (retired) 10.56/4/2014Rate 3.79989629
Speakeasy Syndicate No. 3 10.512/9/2015Rate 3.8987618
Speakeasy Tallulah Blonde (retired) 3.94/25/2009Rate 3.12467633
Speakeasy Tallulah XPA (Extra Pale Ale) 5.64/29/2013Rate 3.235748119
Speakeasy Teatotaler -4/28/2016Rate 2.871
Speakeasy The Accomplice 7.66/7/2013Rate 3.2536711
Speakeasy The Black Hand (alias) 6.92/15/2013
Speakeasy The Don (retired) 11.12/6/2010Rate 3.54946431
Speakeasy The Informant 6.99/9/2014Rate 3.094
Speakeasy The Suspect 7.92/14/2015Rate 3.13
Speakeasy Unfiltered Double Daddy 9.59/30/2014Rate 0
Speakeasy Untouchable IPA 6.88/2/2014Rate 3.65969539
Speakeasy Untouchable Pale Ale (retired) 5.57/28/2001Rate 3.257668283
Speakeasy Vendetta 7.65/7/2012Rate 3.69491113
Speakeasy Wet Hop Prohibition Red Ale 6.18/19/2014Rate 2.881
Speakeasy White Lightning (retired) 5.28/22/2007Rate 2.923246101
Speakeasy Winter Spice Ale (retired) 6.51/11/2010Rate 3.26778610
Speakeasy Witness 5.29/1/2012Rate 3.16587725
Speakeasy XV (Fifteenth Anniversary) (retired) 108/30/2012Rate 3.46904612
Speakeasy XXX Imperial IPA (retired) 12.56/16/2013Rate 3.173
Speakeasy Zin Barrel Porter (retired) 7.52/7/2010Rate 3.51939319

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