(Out Of Business)

Commenced brewing in 2002, sharing equipment with Blue Moon brewery in Barford. Moved to their own premises in summer 2007. Closed in 2011.
Spectrum 42 (retired) 4.28/14/2003Rate 2.76262016
Spectrum 43 (retired) 4.34/5/2010Rate 2.791
Spectrum 4X (retired) 4.67/9/2005Rate 2.88331312
Spectrum 5 Ecks (retired) 5.210/3/2008Rate 3.075
Spectrum Ale of Etholle (retired) 5.61/24/2008Rate 2.97422415
Spectrum Bezants (retired) 4.06/4/2007Rate 2.76302017
Spectrum Black Buffle (retired) 4.511/4/2003Rate 3.4898232
Spectrum Blinder (retired) 8.511/11/2006Rate 3.332
Spectrum Capt Scarlet (retired) 4.512/14/2007Rate 2.98385213
Spectrum Dark Fantastic (retired) 3.812/13/2005Rate 2.93433423
Spectrum Desperate Wizzard (retired) 4.94/6/2009Rate 2.831
Spectrum Disorder (retired) 7.111/27/2011Rate 2.841
Spectrum Light Fantastic (retired) 3.71/10/2004Rate 2.78282122
Spectrum Mar Girgis (retired) 4.65/22/2010Rate 2.822
Spectrum Miss Scarlet (retired) 4.510/19/2003Rate 2.791
Spectrum Mr Ron (retired) 4.52/6/2008Rate 2.961
Spectrum Octogram (retired) 8.012/27/2010Rate 3.234
Spectrum Spring Promise (retired) 4.53/20/2004Rate 2.726
Spectrum Trip Hazard (retired) 6.56/2/2004Rate 2.9382320
Spectrum Wizzard (retired) 4.910/6/2004Rate 3.02474521
Spectrum Yule Fuel (retired) 7.01/7/2008Rate 3.0551514
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