Springhead Another Bite of the Cherry (retired) 4.54/17/2009Rate 2.5118511
Springhead Argenta 4.23/28/2015Rate 2.924
Springhead Barebones 4.77/8/2003Rate 2.85271522
Springhead Beijing Gold (alias) (retired) 4.28/3/2008
Springhead Bitter 4.08/6/2000Rate 2.97374925
Springhead Black Tom 3.811/2/2004Rate 3.02474314
Springhead Bonfire Toffee (alias) (retired) 4.81/14/2004
Springhead Bramley Apple 3.84/8/2011Rate 2.747
Springhead Charlies Angels 4.51/24/2005Rate 2.71252642
Springhead Chocolate Orange Twist (retired) 4.211/12/2009Rate 2.736
Springhead Crazy Cranberry (retired) 4.412/8/2009Rate 2.91394512
Springhead Cromwells Hat 6.08/6/2000Rate 3.04494015
Springhead Double Jeopardy 7.510/23/2015Rate 2.933
Springhead Drop O The Black Stuff 4.06/3/2002Rate 3.25614453
Springhead Eggstravaganza (retired) 4.84/28/2006Rate 3.133
Springhead Fallen Angel 4.512/8/2009Rate 2.99384912
Springhead Festive Firkin (retired) 4.112/26/2006Rate 2.862
Springhead Ginger Pig 4.46/10/2010Rate 2.948
Springhead Goodrich Castle (retired) 4.48/6/2000Rate 2.74241211
Springhead Hersbrucker Weizenbier (retired) 3.66/17/2009Rate 2.683
Springhead Jive Bunny (retired) 4.04/7/2009Rate 2.732
Springhead Left Lion 4.07/28/2016Rate 0
Springhead Liberty 3.85/10/2007Rate 2.82354227
Springhead Maid Marian 4.512/28/2010Rate 2.95354552
Springhead Moustache Meg 5.511/27/2014Rate 2.93
Springhead Newark Castle Brown 5.02/17/2003Rate 2.98
Springhead Olivers Army 4.41/14/2004Rate 3.05457924
Springhead Outlawed 3.81/26/2014Rate 3.3689518
Springhead Polar Bear (retired) 3.81/18/2009Rate 2.898
Springhead Puritans Porter (alias) 4.08/6/2000
Springhead Roaring Meg 5.58/6/2000Rate 33849135
Springhead Robin Hood 4.09/10/2010Rate 3.02396234
Springhead Roundheads Gold (retired) 4.28/6/2000Rate 2.8334015
Springhead Rudolphs Ruin 4.212/5/2008Rate 2.95354616
Springhead Ruperts Ruin 4.26/6/2004Rate 2.87373927
Springhead Scoring Meg (retired) 6.66/19/2014Rate 2.731
Springhead Spice Of Life 5.011/23/2010Rate 2.956
Springhead Spooky Juice (alias) (retired) 4.41/14/2004
Springhead Spring Chicken (retired) 4.54/4/2010Rate 2.73272912
Springhead St Nicks Porter (retired) 4.011/30/2008Rate 3.31715111
Springhead Surrender 1646 3.68/23/2005Rate 2.91313914
Springhead Sweet Lips 4.64/5/2004Rate 3.18508622
Springhead The Bees Knees 4.21/29/2010Rate 2.75222515
Springhead The Leveller 4.88/6/2000Rate 3.4836884
Springhead Tumbledown Dick 7.512/5/2013Rate 2.823
Springhead Willys Wheatbeer 5.39/8/2004Rate 2.99405526

.Places associated: Roaring Meg (Springhead), Bramley Apple (Springhead), Boat Inn (Springhead), Beesí Knees at Springhead Brewery.
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