Staropramen Breweries (MolsonCoors)

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 66/100 3691 ratings
Nádražni 86, Prague, Czech Republic 150 54
Places associated: Pivovary Staropramen - Visitor Center, Pivovary Staropramen - Potrefená Husa Na Verandách, Potrefená Husa Brno
Founded as a shareholder’s company in 1869, it became Czechoslovakia’s largest brewery in the 1930s before being nationalised by the Soviets in 1947. Privatised in 1992, it became part of the Prague Breweries group which by 1996 came under the control of Bass. The group purchased the Branik and Ostravar breweries before Bass sold the group to Interbrew in 2000. It is currently the Czech Republic’s second largest brewery
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Co-op Czech Lager/Imported Lager/Premium Lager 5.06/22/2008Rate 2.663044
Marks & Spencer Low Alcohol Czech Lager (2014 on)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
0.51/16/2015Rate 2.565
Sainsbury’s Czech Low Alcohol Pilsner Lager (alias)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
Amstel Bier (alias)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
Braník Jedenáctka 11° 4.83/3/2011Rate 2.622637
Branik Ležák 5.07/25/2002Rate 2.6125107
Braník Světlý 4.13/1/2003Rate 2.3378181
Carling British Cider Lime & Mint 4.05/14/2015 U  2.422
Cesky Pivovar Strong 6.02/26/2013Rate 2.551
Coop Český Ležák (Czech Lager) (alias) 5.09/1/2008
Kisz Classic Czech Dark -5/6/2002Rate 3.449923
Kisz Classic Czech Lager -5/14/2002Rate 2.687
Moravar Premium 5.111/7/2005Rate 2.822
Moravar Strong 6.011/7/2005Rate 2.641
OSTO6 5.28/12/2004Rate 1.883
Pražský Premium Czech Lager 4.210/11/2006Rate 2.16219
Staropramen Černý (Dark/Temné) 4.41/12/2001Rate 3.0258425
Staropramen 11° (Jedenáctka) 4.74/25/2010Rate 2.814266
Staropramen 145 Golden Years Limited Edition (alias) 5.06/22/2014
Staropramen 3.5% 3.54/1/2006Rate 2.33883
Staropramen Branik Lagerbier (alias) 5.011/21/2008
Staropramen Cool Bezový Květ & Citron 2.07/12/2015Rate 2.514
Staropramen Cool Cidermix 2.05/12/2013Rate 2.283110
Staropramen Cool Grep 2.05/6/2012Rate 2.014128
Staropramen Cool Hořký Pomeranč 2.05/12/2013Rate 2.564
Staropramen Cool Lemon 2.07/10/2011Rate 1.973636
Staropramen Cool Třešeň 2.08/24/2014Rate 2.156210
Staropramen Déčko 4.03/1/2003Rate 2.246849
Staropramen Granát (Garnet) 4.88/24/2002Rate 2.938307
Staropramen Kelt Original Stout 4.812/6/2003Rate 3.266885
Staropramen Kvasničák -12/3/2002Rate 3.249120
Staropramen Ležák (Premium Lager / Beer) 12° 5.012/16/2000Rate 2.83431372
Staropramen Millennium Polotmavý Lezák 4.84/7/2002Rate 3.186
Staropramen N.A. (alias) -7/22/2013
Staropramen Nealko 0.4910/11/2005Rate 1.8131105
Staropramen Nefiltrovaný Ležak znalců 5.08/15/2011Rate 2.8734197
Staropramen Nefiltrovaný Polotmavy 13° 5.53/29/2016Rate 3.062
Staropramen Selection 4.87/6/2012Rate 2.743760
Staropramen Sládkův Měšťan Triumf 3.84/13/2007Rate 2.127
Staropramen Sládkův Měšťan (Lehké Svetlé) 3.28/7/2003Rate 2157
Staropramen Světlý (Pale) 10° 4.08/28/2003Rate 2.5418159
Staropramen Světlý 145 let (alias) 4.012/31/2014
Staropramen Unfiltered (alias) 5.08/18/2015
Staropramen Velvet 5.31/23/2002Rate 2.7418133
Supermarket Czech Lager (alias) 5.010/14/2004
Vratislav Czech Pilsner Lager 4.112/13/2013Rate 2.745
Vratislav Premium / Supermarket Czech Lager 4.91/5/2004Rate 2.481578
Waitrose Czech Pilsner (alias) 5.01/21/2012

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