Stepan Razin Brewery (Heineken)

(Out Of Business)
Commercial Brewery

Brewery closed in 2009 and turned into a logistics center. Production moved to Bochkarev.
Peters Beer (alias) (retired) 4.55/25/2000
SR Zenit 1984 (retired) 5.211/17/2000Rate 2.392
Stepan Razin Bogatirskoe Temnoe (retired) 4.04/15/2003Rate 2.333
Stepan Razin Krepkoe (retired) 8.25/25/2000Rate 2.2588424
Stepan Razin Ordinar Premium (retired) 5.012/17/2003Rate 2.46122520
Stepan Razin Porter (retired) 8.05/25/2000Rate 3.317742105
Stepan Razin Pshenichnoe (retired) 4.56/19/2003Rate 2.553
Stepan Razin Studencheskoye (retired) 3.55/25/2000Rate 1.522
Stepan Razin Temnoe (retired) 5.75/25/2000Rate 2.71
Stepan Razin Vyborgskoe Svetloe (retired) 4.08/18/2004Rate 2.171
Stepan Razin Zolotoye (retired) 5.611/22/2001Rate 2.7254518

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