Founded in 1984 as Bunces Brewery. Name changed to Stonehenge following a change of ownership in 1993.
Stonehenge Benchmark (retired) 3.510/3/2003Rate 2.892
Stonehenge Best Bitter (retired) 4.11/11/2002Rate 3.022
Stonehenge Bodyline 4.311/4/2003Rate 2.936
Stonehenge Celebration (retired) 4.510/10/2005Rate 32
Stonehenge Danish Dynamite 51/14/2002Rate 3.1457489
Stonehenge Eye-Opener 4.57/19/2008Rate 3.15509144
Stonehenge Five Rings? 4.58/14/2012Rate 3.149819
Stonehenge Glyph (retired) 4.59/13/2010Rate 2.922
Stonehenge Great Bustard 4.81/16/2004Rate 3.3679284
Stonehenge Great Dane 4.611/29/2006Rate 2.88307119
Stonehenge Heel Stone 4.38/23/2003Rate 3395747
Stonehenge Longleat (alias) 4.88/16/2006
Stonehenge LTS (Lunch Time Special) (retired) 2.54/12/2004Rate 2.82
Stonehenge Luck of the Irish 4.53/9/2014Rate 2.726
Stonehenge Old Smokey 510/1/2002Rate 3.46877443
Stonehenge Pigswill 48/8/2003Rate 2.93334356
Stonehenge Rudolph 51/23/2002Rate 3.06465045
Stonehenge Second To None (retired) 4.68/8/2003Rate 3.017
Stonehenge Sign of Spring 4.63/1/2002Rate 2.5815164
Stonehenge Spire Ale 3.86/21/2005Rate 2.8273332
Stonehenge Surprise (alias) 53/10/2008

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