Strangford Lough

(Out Of Business)
Client Brewer

Brewery forced to close after $1.7million lawsuit.
There is no physical brewery at the address listed. The Stangford Lough beers have been brewed at various undisclosed locations in the UK, US and maybe elsewhere. The beers are listed here, without any brewing location, for administrative convenience and because of the lack of clarity about the brewing arrangements.
Strangford Lough Barelegs (retired) 4.57/28/2004Rate 2.83323921
Strangford Lough Legbiter (retired) 4.88/20/2004Rate 2.79232789
Strangford Lough St. Patricks Ale (retired) 6.011/17/2004Rate 3.1527911
Strangford Lough St. Patricks Best (retired) 4.211/17/2004Rate 2.82262574
Strangford Lough St. Patricks Gold (retired) 4.811/17/2004Rate 2.764
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