(Out Of Business)

Started brewing ’04 at Lycroft Farm Ind Est, Swanmore. Closed early ’08 with the Brewer moving to Yates’ on Isle of Wight, where he continues to brew some beers under the Stumpys name.
Stumpys Bosuns Call (retired) 5.010/5/2005Rate 2.892
Stumpys Hop a Doodle Doo (retired) 4.09/29/2006Rate 2.742
Stumpys Hot Dog (retired) 4.59/30/2005Rate 2.524
Stumpys Lemon Drop (retired) 3.812/31/2007Rate 2.881
Stumpys Old Ginger (retired) 4.510/12/2005Rate 2.722
Stumpys Old Stumpy (retired) 4.55/1/2007Rate 2.82
Stumpys Silent Night (retired) 5.55/1/2006Rate 2.927
Stumpys Summer Vat (retired) 3.93/8/2007Rate 2.731
Stumpys Tumbledown (retired) 5.03/3/2007Rate 2.833
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