Samuel Smith

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 97/100 21986 ratings
Old Brewery, High Street, , Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England LS24 9SB
Places associated: Swan & Three Cygnets (Sam Smiths), Brownhill Hotel (Sam Smith’s), Nelson Hotel (Sam Smith’s), Coach & Horses (Sam Smiths), Rugby Tavern (Sam Smith’s), John Snow (Sam Smith’s), Royal Oak Inn (Sam Smiths), Commercial Inn (Sam Smiths), Olde Murenger House (Sam Smiths), Boot Inn (Sam Smith’s), Colpitts Hotel (Sam Smith’s), Albion Inn (Sam Smiths), Duke of Argyll (Sam Smith’s), Crown (Sam Smith’s), Shoulder of Mutton (Sam Smith’s), Bath Hotel (Sam Smiths), Colliers Arms (Sam Smith’s), Crown & Sugar Loaf (Sam Smiths), Glittering Star (Sam Smith’s), Crown Inn (Sam Smiths), Boars Head (Sam Smiths), Roebuck Hotel (Sam Smith’s), Princess Louise (Sam Smith’s), Kings Arms (Sam Smith’s), Flower of the Valley (Sam Smiths), Earl of Lonsdale (Sam Smith’s), Fitzroy Tavern (Sam Smith’s), Queens Head (Sam Smiths), Engineers Arms (Sam Smiths), Captain Kidd (Sam Smith’s), Lower Bird In The Hand (Sam Smith’s), Higher Bird In The Hand (Sam Smith’s), Kings Arms (Sam Smith’s), Robert Raike’s House (Sam Smith’s), Slip Inn (Sam Smith’s), General Eliot (Sam Smiths), Star Inn (Sam Smiths), Chandos (Sam Smith’s), Anchor Inn (Sam Smiths), Corporation Inn (Sam Smiths), Old Red Lion (Sam Smiths), Spinners Arms (Sam Smiths), Angel (Sam Smith’s), Sinclairs Oyster Bar (Sam Smiths), Windsor Castle (Sam Smith’s), Eagle Hotel (Sam Smith’s), Commercial Hotel (Sam Smiths), Abbey Inn (Sam Smith’s), Anchor Tap (Sam Smith’s), Waterguard (Sam Smiths), Red Lion (Sam Smiths), Horse & Groom (Sam Smith’s), Yew Tree Inn (Sam Smiths), Widow Cullens Well (Sam Smith’s), Falcon (Samuel Smith’s), Junction Inn (Sam Smiths), Cittie of Yorke (Sam Smith’s), Olde Cheshire Cheese (Sam Smith’s), Cock Tavern (Sam Smith’s), Kingsway Hotel (Sam Smiths), Railway Tavern (Sam Smiths), Angel Inn (Sam Smiths), Wortley Almshouses (Sam Smith’s), Glasshouse Stores (Sam Smith’s)
Founded 1758
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Ayingerbrau D. Pils Strong Lager 5.910/8/2003Rate 2.226914
Ayingerbrau Hefe Weizen 5.012/9/2004Rate 2.873729
Ayingerbrau Lager 4.910/8/2003Rate 2.267315
Ayingerbrau Prinz Strong Lager 5.010/8/2003Rate 2.327812
MacAndrews Stock Ale 6.510/18/2001Rate 3.718929
Samuel Smiths Alpine Lager (2.8%) 2.812/14/2011Rate 2.79525
Samuel Smiths Alpine Lager (4.5%) 4.54/20/2006Rate 2.599454
Samuel Smiths Best Bitter 3.71/4/2014Rate 2.964
Samuel Smiths Cider Reserve 5.211/30/2002Rate 2.843449
Samuel Smiths Dark Mild 2.85/27/2001Rate 3.135032
Samuel Smiths Double Four Lager 4.011/26/2013Rate 2.889835
Samuel Smiths Extra Stout 4.55/27/2001Rate 3.4593176
Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout 7.05/4/2000Rate 3.86882764
Samuel Smiths India Ale 5.05/3/2000Rate 3.38961639
Samuel Smiths Light Ale 3.312/9/2004Rate 1.837
Samuel Smiths Light Mild 2.89/29/2012Rate 3.023718
Samuel Smiths Nut Brown Ale 5.05/27/2000Rate 3.5962176
Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout 5.05/30/2000Rate 3.89993338
Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Bitter (Bottle & Keg) 4.012/10/2004Rate 2.781826
Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Bitter (Cask) 4.011/18/2000Rate 3.1386182
Samuel Smiths Organic / Old Brewery Pale Ale 5.05/3/2000Rate 3.35941276
Samuel Smiths Organic Best Ale / Organically Produced Ale 5.04/9/2001Rate 3.1791736
Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout 5.08/17/2012Rate 3.7971106
Samuel Smiths Organic Cider 5.01/18/2007Rate 2.9946439
Samuel Smiths Organic Lager 5.05/11/2001Rate 2.9699669
Samuel Smiths Organic Wheat Beer 5.012/3/2009Rate 3.239072
Samuel Smiths Pure Brewed Organic Lager 5.05/6/2000Rate 3.1287682
Samuel Smiths Sovereign Bitter 4.17/18/2002Rate 2.832593
Samuel Smiths Strong Golden 10.21/24/2001Rate 3.3639139
Samuel Smiths Strong Porter 6.08/11/2004Rate 2.691
Samuel Smiths Taddy Lager 4.53/9/2006Rate 2.714669
Samuel Smiths Taddy Porter 5.05/26/2000Rate 3.7992201
Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Ale 6.05/26/2000Rate 3.26691684
Samuel Smiths Yorkshire Bitter 3.31/13/2008Rate 2.893917
Samuel Smiths Yorkshire Stingo 9.07/26/2008Rate 3.6899666
Samuel Smiths Organic Apricot Fruit Beer 5.13/23/2012Rate 3.4294285
Samuel Smiths Organic Strawberry Fruit Beer 5.13/1/2008Rate 3.0969359
Samuel Smiths Organic Cherry Fruit Beer 5.11/18/2007Rate 3.1375411
Samuel Smiths Organic Raspberry Fruit Beer 5.16/17/2008Rate 3.3290457

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