Creative Brewing Creation (retired) 4.44/5/2010Rate 2.791
Meads Of Mercia The Bees Knees (retired) 6.28/13/2004Rate 2.958
Teme Valley Brides Blush (retired) 4.36/24/2008Rate 2.973
Teme Valley Buchanalia (retired) 3.78/26/2004Rate 3.063
Teme Valley Cheluvelt Gold 4.09/12/2010Rate 2.912
Teme Valley Dark Stranger 4.47/20/2004Rate 3403013
Teme Valley Earlybird Goldings (retired) 4.110/13/2007Rate 2.953
Teme Valley Export Amber (retired) 4.43/13/2009Rate 2.961
Teme Valley Fools Gold 4.55/18/2007Rate 2.85
Teme Valley Haycocks Summer Ale (retired) 4.08/1/2009Rate 2.791
Teme Valley Hearth Warmer 6.09/27/2004Rate 2.96352757
Teme Valley Hops Nouvelle Cascade 4.19/29/2014Rate 2.871
Teme Valley Hops Nouvelle Challenger 4.110/27/2007Rate 2.834
Teme Valley Hops Nouvelle Fuggles 4.110/29/2006Rate 2.977
Teme Valley Hops Nouvelle Mathon Goldings 4.110/27/2007Rate 2.924
Teme Valley Hops Nouvelle Northdown 4.13/21/2004Rate 2.947
Teme Valley Knightwick The Witches’ Brew 4.511/20/2012Rate 0
Teme Valley Lulsley Court (retired) 4.19/1/2004Rate 2.771
Teme Valley Martley Rock 3.97/29/2015Rate 2.952
Teme Valley Midwinter Mild 3.02/9/2016Rate 2.882
Teme Valley Saint of Ales 4.34/21/2015Rate 31
Teme Valley Spare Brass (retired) 2.86/2/2008Rate 2.961
Teme Valley Springs First 4.75/7/2005Rate 2.731
Teme Valley Talbot Blond 4.45/17/2007Rate 2.97384925
Teme Valley Talbot Porter 4.45/21/2004Rate 2.97401513
Teme Valley That 4.16/26/2003Rate 2.87283156
Teme Valley The Hop Nouvelle 4.12/17/2003Rate 3.04426230
Teme Valley This 3.711/7/2002Rate 2.8252353
Teme Valley Three Pears 3.98/16/2011Rate 2.811
Teme Valley TOther 3.55/17/2007Rate 2.98385315
Teme Valley Wass Ale (retired) 6.01/13/2003Rate 3.088
Teme Valley Wotever Next? 5.011/8/2002Rate 2.96353161
.Associated place: Talbot Hotel (Teme Valley).
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