The Covey 100 (retired) 102/22/2009Rate 3.58958821
The Covey 12 Gauge Stout (retired) 67/27/2007Rate 3.55958221
The Covey Abbey (retired) 7.712/15/2006Rate 2.975
The Covey Aduro Porter (retired) 7.33/8/2010Rate 3.77989322
The Covey Altbier (retired) 1/10/2009Rate 3.07484813
The Covey Amarillo I.P.A. (retired) 7.510/16/2007Rate 3.16
The Covey Amber (retired) 4/11/2006Rate 3.19658221
The Covey Boadicea IPA (retired) 8.49/21/2008Rate 2.91
The Covey Bock (retired) 6.83/1/2007Rate 2.431
The Covey Brewers Gold IPA (retired) 84/12/2008Rate 3.283
The Covey Cascade IPA (retired) 84/19/2010Rate 3.228
The Covey Centennial IPA (retired) 81/30/2010Rate 3.33764912
The Covey Christmas Ale (retired) 811/23/2009Rate 3.27748512
The Covey Chupecabra (retired) 7.37/9/2007Rate 3.023
The Covey Coconut Porter (retired) 5/12/2010Rate 3.258
The Covey Cowboy Lager (retired) 5.55/5/2006Rate 2.91417917
The Covey Cowtown Brown (retired) 4.712/27/2009Rate 3.29816118
The Covey Cream Ale (retired) 1/10/2009Rate 2.942
The Covey Crystal Imperial IPA (retired) 8.89/22/2009Rate 3.38883617
The Covey Dunkleweizen (retired) 5/3/2007Rate 2.881
The Covey East Kent Goldings IPA (retired) 7.52/4/2008Rate 3.151
The Covey Flemish Pale (retired) 6.53/20/2010Rate 3.31828912
The Covey Fritz Reserve Imperial Amber (retired) 121/8/2010Rate 3.6968215
The Covey Hefeweizen (retired) 5.46/7/2006Rate 3.2718916
The Covey HopPodge IPA (retired) 7.67/17/2010Rate 3.37856413
The Covey Horned Frog Pale Ale (retired) 2/23/2009Rate 3.18629113
The Covey I.P.A. (retired) 3/5/2007Rate 3.283
The Covey Jacks Reserve Barley Wine (retired) 9.911/25/2007Rate 3.297
The Covey Limey Bastard (retired) 4.58/8/2010Rate 3.16
The Covey Longhorn Pale Ale (retired) 7.19/10/2010Rate 3.166
The Covey Maibock (retired) 7.81/8/2010Rate 3.07546210
The Covey Meritage IPA (retired) 8/6/2010Rate 0
The Covey Munich Dunkel (retired) 1/8/2010Rate 3.21709412
The Covey Noble I.P.A. (retired) 7.31/10/2009Rate 2.912
The Covey Oak Aged Fritz Reserve Imperial Amber (retired) 128/13/2010Rate 3.385
The Covey Oktoberfest (retired) 6.79/23/2006Rate 38
The Covey Pale Ale (retired) 4/11/2006Rate 3.13554113
The Covey Palisade IPA (retired) 7.34/10/2009Rate 2.861
The Covey Panther City Porter (retired) 5.38/18/2010Rate 3.2982629
The Covey Porter (retired) 511/20/2006Rate 34
The Covey Predicament (retired) 810/16/2007Rate 3.222
The Covey Predicament II (retired) 8.49/12/2008Rate 3.56
The Covey Predicament III (retired) 8.89/24/2009Rate 3.35866210
The Covey Premonition Porter (retired) 7.87/28/2009Rate 3.52947813
The Covey Prickly Pear Wheat (retired) 9/22/2009Rate 2.854
The Covey Regalement (retired) 10.53/20/2008Rate 3.41897718
The Covey Roasted Coconut Brown Ale (retired) 5.65/5/2006Rate 3.012
The Covey Roggen Rauchbier (retired) 1/1/2008Rate 3.23754413
The Covey Sabotoge! (retired) 9/18/2010Rate 2.876
The Covey Saison (retired) 8/25/2009Rate 3.33844612
The Covey Scotch Ale (retired) 8.78/7/2006Rate 3.48
The Covey Simcoe IPA (retired) 7.811/12/2009Rate 3.38886611
The Covey Smoked Lager (retired) 65/5/2006Rate 3.28
The Covey Smokestack Stout (retired) 6.11/23/2009Rate 3.41907418
The Covey Stout (retired) 4/11/2006Rate 2.997
The Covey Texas Blonde (retired) 5.112/5/2009Rate 2.83304014
The Covey Texas Peaches & Wheat (retired) 7/28/2009Rate 2.96457713
The Covey Texas Wheat (retired) 4/11/2006Rate 2.78265116
The Covey Vienna Lager (retired) 3/22/2007Rate 3.04508120
The Covey Voodoo Brown (retired) 4/12/2008Rate 3.133
The Covey Weizenbock (retired) 6.69/21/2008Rate 3.053
The Covey Witbier (retired) 9/23/2006Rate 3.082

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