Toad Blonde on Blonde (retired) 4.52/6/2011Rate 2.714
Toad Brit Vic (retired) 4.26/26/2010Rate 2.532
Toad Dark Side of the Toad (retired) 4.22/14/2011Rate 2.861
Toad Golden Angel (retired) 4.06/2/2010Rate 2.845
Toad Home (retired) 4.27/17/2010Rate 2.761
Toad M&R Chocolate Stout (retired) 4.65/21/2011Rate 2.71
Toad Malted In Black (retired) 4.33/12/2011Rate 2.834
Toad Mature Toad (retired) 4.510/11/2010Rate 2.731
Toad St Leger (retired) 4.110/9/2010Rate 2.652
Toad Tadpole (retired) 3.811/7/2010Rate 3.016
Toad The Da Vinci Toad (retired) 5.510/20/2010Rate 3.15637310
Toad The Texas Frogspawn Massacre (retired) 5.811/7/2010Rate 2.931
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