Tom Wood’s

Brewer rating: 82/100 442 ratings
Melton High Wood Farm, Melton High Wood, Ross, Barnetby, Lincolnshire, England DN38 6AA
Founded in 1997 as Highwood, although used the Tom Wood branding from the outset. In 2011 Highwood went into administration and, following a change in ownership, the Tom Wood name was officially adopted.
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Highwood Ding Dong 3.88/18/2008Rate 2.621
Highwood Landladys Bitter 4.18/18/2008Rate 2.691
Highwood Lincoln Red 5.010/21/2006Rate 3.016
Tom Wood’s 214 Crimson Valley 5.56/12/2016Rate 3.022
Tom Wood’s 216 Saint Clements 5.04/4/2016Rate 3.13
Tom Wood’s 511 Hang Town 4.09/11/2016Rate 2.961
Tom Wood’s Barn Dance 4.25/5/2004Rate 2.816
Tom Wood’s Beach Blonde 4.18/31/2015Rate 2.941
Tom Wood’s Best Bitter 3.55/19/2004Rate 2.924116
Tom Wood’s Bomber County 4.85/13/2002Rate 3.319346
Tom Wood’s Brass Monkey 4.412/13/2015Rate 3.153
Tom Wood’s Bunny Hop 4.45/29/2010Rate 2.913
Tom Wood’s Christmas Cheers 4.512/8/2003Rate 2.937
Tom Wood’s Comes In Pints Stout 4.56/1/2004Rate 3.173
Tom Wood’s Crafty Farmer 4.36/19/2015Rate 3.124
Tom Wood’s Dark Mild 3.55/5/2003Rate 2.973630
Tom Wood’s Devils T Ale 4.511/9/2009Rate 2.811
Tom Wood’s Father’s Pride 4.57/23/2002Rate 3.337011
Tom Wood’s Fifteen 4.45/21/2010Rate 2.762
Tom Wood’s Golden Evening 3.67/19/2006Rate 3.242
Tom Wood’s Golden Imp 4.65/26/2014Rate 2.841
Tom Wood’s Goldings Jubilee 5.16/10/2002Rate 3.162
Tom Wood’s Harvest Bitter 4.35/21/2002Rate 2.843134
Tom Wood’s Hop and Glory 3.65/22/2006Rate 3.129115
Tom Wood’s IMP Stout 4.83/13/2014Rate 2.81
Tom Wood’s Jolly Ploughman 5.07/22/2002Rate 3.124771
Tom Wood’s Jolly Snowman 3.612/1/2005Rate 3.027311
Tom Wood’s Lincoln Gold 4.01/5/2013Rate 3.188613
Tom Wood’s Lincoln Imp 5.15/19/2004Rate 2.994112
Tom Wood’s Lincolnshire Legend 4.23/29/2004Rate 2.944816
Tom Wood’s Lincolnshire Longwool 4.410/23/2002Rate 3.148
Tom Wood’s Magna Carta 6.06/22/2015Rate 2.981
Tom Wood’s Mazama 5.511/15/2015Rate 3.021
Tom Wood’s Melton Mild 3.55/23/2015Rate 2.871
Tom Wood’s Mill Race 4.24/5/2002Rate 2.885
Tom Wood’s Old Codger 4.03/21/2015Rate 33
Tom Wood’s Old Timber 4.510/20/2002Rate 2.963522
Tom Wood’s Scarecrow 4.011/5/2009Rate 2.945412
Tom Wood’s Seaside Special 4.510/20/2010Rate 2.711
Tom Wood’s Shepherds Delight 4.03/3/2002Rate 2.874126
Tom Wood’s Springtime 4.24/21/2010Rate 2.761
Tom Wood’s Summer Days 4.45/19/2004Rate 2.692312
Tom Wood’s Ten 3.66/4/2005Rate 3.111
Tom Wood’s The Cardinal’s Hat 4.09/13/2015Rate 2.921
Tom Wood’s Vanilla Orchid 4.810/23/2010Rate 2.922718
Tom Wood’s Wagoner’s Ale 4.88/8/2002Rate 2.894

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