Black Creek Dark Ale 5.05/23/2009Rate 2.83312010
Black Creek Dray Horse Ale 5.04/26/2012Rate 3.14545745
Black Creek Irish Potato Stout 5.03/7/2014Rate 3.12462936
Black Creek Lemon Balm 5.06/6/2014Rate 2.64161821
Black Creek Montgomery’s Courage 5.05/11/2013Rate 2.99424036
Black Creek Pale Ale 5.07/24/2009Rate 3.39849860
Black Creek Porter (Bottle) 5.010/22/2010Rate 3.19624272
Black Creek Pumpkin Ale 5.09/1/2012Rate 3.01394569
Black Creek Riel’s Dream 5.011/23/2013Rate 2.956
Black Creek Rifleman’s Ration 5.05/14/2012Rate 3.33738350
Black Creek Stout 5.010/16/2011Rate 2.88321048
Black Creek Victorias Empirical Ale 5.05/10/2014Rate 3.14494124
Crazy Beard Wild Apple Ale
Brewed by/for Crazy Beard
5.23/22/2015 U  0
Brasserie des Quatre Lunes Belgian Brune 5.09/27/2015Rate 2.511
Brasserie des Quatre Lunes Pumpkin Saison 5.09/27/2015Rate 2.581
Brasserie des Quatre Lunes Saison Automne 5.011/8/2014Rate 2.278027
Brasserie des Quatre Lunes Saison d’Hiver 5.06/29/2015Rate 31
Fontana Red Lager (alias) 5.011/14/2006
Friendly Lager (alias) (retired) 5.08/19/2006
Northern Harvest (alias) 5.011/1/2013
Old Mill Elora ESB (Special Bitter) 5.011/30/2000Rate 2.81321089
Old Mill Elora Grand Lager 5.01/12/2001Rate 2.39118581
Old Mill Elora Irish Ale (alias) 5.08/26/2004
Old Mill Elora Rye Ale (retired) 5.01/12/2001Rate 2.586
Old Mill Pilsner (alias) -6/5/2004
Trafalgar Abbey Belgian 6.54/26/2002Rate 2.5717358
Trafalgar APA 5.05/4/2016Rate 2.831
Trafalgar Bert Well PA (retired) 5.011/1/2010Rate 2.785
Trafalgar Bewleys Breakfast Ale (retired) 5.011/17/2008Rate 2.771
Trafalgar Black Bullet (retired) 178/12/2007Rate 2.4214127
Trafalgar Black Currant Mead 9.06/12/2003Rate 2.65201021
Trafalgar Blueberry Mead 9.06/15/2003Rate 2.15022
Trafalgar Bock Lager (alias) 6.512/24/2010
Trafalgar Cedar Cream Ale (retired) 5.02/21/2009Rate 2.57202547
Trafalgar Celebration Ale 6.212/2/2001Rate 2.77303560
Trafalgar Celtic Pure Irish Ale 5.012/2/2001Rate 2.5919743
Trafalgar Cherry Ale 4.55/14/2010Rate 2.1992733
Trafalgar Chocolate Orange Porter 5.012/3/2014Rate 2.5514217
Trafalgar Citrus Mead (retired) 9.06/22/2005Rate 2.156
Trafalgar Cognac Aged Porter 5.011/1/2012Rate 2.7926524
Trafalgar Critical Mass (retired) 145/23/2006Rate 2.7830040
Trafalgar Dark Wheat (retired) 4.05/25/2008Rate 2.9438719
Trafalgar Debau Cherry (retired) 5.09/18/2006Rate 2.41142420
Trafalgar Downrigger Bock 6.512/2/2001Rate 2.71251541
Trafalgar Eclipse 8.57/18/2015Rate 3.021
Trafalgar English IPA (retired) -6/9/2010Rate 2.933
Trafalgar ESB (Extra Special Bitter) 5.06/3/2012Rate 3.04437223
Trafalgar Fresh Hop Harvest 5.09/22/2015Rate 3.07431615
Trafalgar Ginger Beer 5.07/31/2015Rate 2.742
Trafalgar Ginger Mead 8.53/26/2013Rate 2.5413420
Trafalgar Granary Wheat 4.57/15/2002Rate 2.37141422
Trafalgar Harbour Gold 5.012/2/2001Rate 2.46143530
Trafalgar Harbour Light (alias) 4.012/2/2001
Trafalgar Honey IPA 5.54/12/2014Rate 2.7926422
Trafalgar Hop Nouveau 5.09/29/2009Rate 3.02436075
Trafalgar Huntsman’s Pale Ale 5.06/8/2015Rate 3.041
Trafalgar India Ink Black Pale Ale 5.010/26/2011Rate 3.15551255
Trafalgar Irish Ale 5.01/12/2001Rate 2.4911391
Trafalgar Kodiak 8.56/8/2015Rate 3.021
Trafalgar Korruptor (retired) 158/12/2006Rate 2.7731135
Trafalgar Kys Buckwheat Porter (retired) 4.84/24/2005Rate 3.162
Trafalgar Lanark County Blueberry Mead 8.54/8/2014Rate 2.6516624
Trafalgar Left Coast Pale Ale (retired) 5.011/23/2009Rate 2.86341538
Trafalgar Malted Corpse (retired) 4.59/28/2009Rate 2.4815435
Trafalgar Maple Bock 6.54/16/2007Rate 2.3611277
Trafalgar Maple Leaf Lager (alias) 5.06/29/2011
Trafalgar Mead Braggot 8.58/20/2012Rate 2.5613458
Trafalgar Muskoka Cranberry Mead 8.54/11/2015Rate 2.887
Trafalgar Niagara Peach Mead 8.58/14/2014Rate 3.15504812
Trafalgar Norfolk County Baked Apple Mead 8.512/29/2015Rate 32
Trafalgar Northern Harvest 5.011/1/2013Rate 3421622
Trafalgar Oak-Aged Rye 5.08/19/2007Rate 2.81353056
Trafalgar Paddy’s Cream Ale 5.04/8/2013Rate 2.794
Trafalgar Paddys Irish Red 4.512/2/2001Rate 2.6218679
Trafalgar Patrick’s Pick Extra Special Bitter 5.02/23/2011Rate 3456919
Trafalgar Peppermint Porter (retired) -9/12/2007Rate 2.96401212
Trafalgar Portside Amber 5.012/2/2001Rate 2.78302942
Trafalgar Prince Of Wales Cream Ale (retired) 5.02/24/2003Rate 2.576
Trafalgar Raspberry Mead 9.06/15/2003Rate 2.3513527
Trafalgar Raspberry Mint Pale Ale -3/30/2015Rate 3.153
Trafalgar Red Hill Mild 2.912/2/2001Rate 2.6418512
Trafalgar Roggenbier (retired) 5.012/2/2001Rate 2.936
Trafalgar Schwartzy 5.06/8/2015Rate 3.123
Trafalgar Shifter IPA 6.55/23/2015Rate 3.084
Trafalgar Smoked Oatmeal Stout 5.07/4/2007Rate 2.55153126
Trafalgar Stinger (alias) 7.56/8/2015
Trafalgar Strawberry Anti-Social 5.59/18/2006Rate 2.6203517
Trafalgar The Mighty Oak 7.04/11/2015Rate 2.8930316
Trafalgar Tropical Mead (retired) 9.06/22/2005Rate 2.361459
Trafalgar Wee Beastie 8.56/8/2015Rate 3.052
Trafalgar White Oak Weissbier (alias) 5.09/18/2006
Trafalgar Wildberry Mead 9.01/16/2005Rate 2.2611411
Trafalgar Winter Warmer (retired) 6.511/18/2001Rate 3.2465529

.Associated place: Tied House Pub (Trafalgar Brewing).
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