Trinity / Black Bottle Blow Up Your TV 4.31/31/2014Rate 3.334636
Trinity / Epic Wild Apple Saison 8.110/25/2014Rate 3.34319
Trinity / Free Will / Mackenzie’s Saison Delivery 9.56/18/2016Rate 3.517
Trinity 365 Day Sour 5.010/5/2014Rate 3.677723
Trinity 45th Parallel 7.57/2/2015Rate 3.599020
Trinity 7 Day Golden Sour 5.07/21/2013Rate 3.5349116
Trinity 7 Day Golden Sour (Pomegranate) 5.06/14/2015Rate 3.091
Trinity Accessibility Mode Saison Printemps 6.48/4/2015Rate 3.234
Trinity Apple Head Sour Saison -9/8/2012Rate 2.813
Trinity Awaken Stout 6.010/22/2008Rate 3.458256
Trinity Awaken Stout - Oak, Cardamom & Hibiscus 6.03/8/2009Rate 32
Trinity Awaken Stout - Peppermint & Sarsaparilla 6.03/8/2009Rate 3.071
Trinity Blow Up Your TV (alias) 3.85/21/2014
Trinity Brain of the Turtle-Petite Cerise 7.06/16/2011Rate 3.464526
Trinity Bretta PA 6.39/28/2012Rate 3.093
Trinity Chardonnay Barrel Aged Saison Man 5.86/16/2012Rate 2.922
Trinity Cherry Awaken Stout -12/24/2010Rate 3.534
Trinity Cherry Threads -11/9/2015Rate 3.111
Trinity Chi Belgian Pilsener 5.16/27/2013Rate 3.186
Trinity Chi Golden Speciale 5.82/22/2009Rate 34013
Trinity Chilly Water 8.512/14/2009Rate 3.334012
Trinity Chilly Water (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 8.52/8/2013Rate 3.44721
Trinity Chocolate River Imperial Stout 112/15/2015Rate 3.523624
Trinity Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta! 8.16/9/2013Rate 3.393579
Trinity Didgeribrew 4.89/26/2011Rate 3.074
Trinity Double Rainbow 144/1/2011Rate 2.52119
Trinity Double Swingline 8.26/9/2014Rate 3.799521
Trinity Easy Swinger 4.16/9/2014Rate 3.679617
Trinity Electric Cucumber (alias) 6.47/14/2012
Trinity Elektrick Cukumbahh 6.47/14/2012Rate 3.348750
Trinity Emma’s Coffin Pumpkin Saison 10.510/24/2008Rate 3.479555
Trinity Emperor Wears No Clothes 5.55/3/2010Rate 3.036
Trinity Farmhouse #104 (Peche Noir Saison) 7.010/3/2009Rate 3.026
Trinity Farmhouse #106 (Café Blanc) 7.010/3/2009Rate 2.96
Trinity Farmhouse #23 (Saison) (alias) -10/22/2008
Trinity Farmhouse #34 (Saison Nocturnum) (alias) 122/18/2009
Trinity Farmhouse #40 (Three Flowers Saison) 7.02/17/2009Rate 3.538334
Trinity Farmhouse #42 (Du Ash) -3/8/2009Rate 3.192
Trinity Farmhouse #57 (Provisional) 6.54/21/2009Rate 3.558727
Trinity Farmhouse #97 (’SS’ Saison) -9/12/2009Rate 2.93
Trinity Farmhouse Beach House 133/13/2010Rate 3.075
Trinity Farmhouse Blue -9/14/2014Rate 2.91
Trinity Farmhouse De Lon -2/4/2014Rate 2.922
Trinity Farmhouse Du Baze 5.59/5/2011Rate 2.81
Trinity Farmhouse du Tomme 6.510/14/2012Rate 3.346
Trinity Farmhouse Fantôme 6.57/31/2010Rate 3.436711
Trinity Farmhouse GOPrisais 4.86/15/2012Rate 3.094
Trinity Farmhouse Grito 5.55/23/2010Rate 3.097
Trinity Farmhouse Noel 6.511/8/2009Rate 3.094
Trinity Farmhouse Petite Fete 6.49/3/2015Rate 3.111
Trinity Farmhouse Red 7.29/28/2014Rate 2.841
Trinity Farmhouse Ruse 9.51/12/2014Rate 3.012
Trinity Farmhouse Walloon 6.511/8/2009Rate 3.364914
Trinity Farmoya Melange -5/23/2014Rate 2.93
Trinity Flo (El Dorado and Simcoe) (alias) 6.412/5/2015
Trinity Flo IPA 6.312/13/2008Rate 3.436756
Trinity Golden Acid Trip -8/22/2016Rate 3.333
Trinity Hopped Toddy - Saison de Miel 13.810/5/2014Rate 3.49869
Trinity Houdini Hopper IPA 6.49/29/2012Rate 3.022
Trinity Kinky Reggae 6.08/15/2010Rate 3.11689
Trinity Kiwibunga 4.88/29/2010Rate 2.885
Trinity Koelorado 5.05/3/2015Rate 3.464312
Trinity Koelorado Currant 5.08/22/2016Rate 3.361
Trinity Layer Cake Goes-uh 5.27/25/2014Rate 3.314910
Trinity Le Capitaine 10.410/15/2012Rate 3.568737
Trinity Libidinous Lager 8.08/13/2009Rate 2.918
Trinity Little Death Ride Saison Apocalyptique 1312/26/2012Rate 3.032010
Trinity Magical Brettanomyces Tour #1, Brett Drie 5.63/28/2015Rate 3.494521
Trinity Magical Brettanomyces Tour #2, Brett Brux 5.64/3/2015Rate 3.596218
Trinity Magical Brettanomyces Tour #3, Brett Bouckaertii 5.64/3/2015Rate 3.423922
Trinity Magical Brettanomyces Tour #4, Afro Brett 5.66/14/2015Rate 3.626612
Trinity Magical Brettanomyces Tour #5, Brett Naardenensis 5.67/26/2015Rate 3.3239
Trinity Magical Brettanomyces Tour #6, Farmhouse Brett 5.68/23/2015Rate 3.58
Trinity Magical Brettanomyces Tour #7, Brett Anomala 5.69/3/2015Rate 3.364
Trinity Menacing Chokecherry 7.210/14/2015Rate 0
Trinity Menacing Huckleberry 7.211/6/2015Rate 3.264
Trinity Menacing Kumquat 6.52/6/2016Rate 3.27389
Trinity Menacing Strawberry Farmhouse Fraise 6.411/6/2015Rate 0
Trinity MerLe Saison Nocturnum Regal (alias) 12.212/8/2012
Trinity Montagne Brun (Dubbel) 5.810/3/2009Rate 3.026
Trinity Mr. Saison 5.65/4/2014Rate 3.446722
Trinity Oh Face Saison Provisional 6.59/19/2012Rate 3.699553
Trinity Old Growth Flemish Brown 5.83/25/2015Rate 3.258
Trinity Old Growth Wild Ale 5.510/3/2009Rate 3.5857155
Trinity One Ear 6.512/24/2015Rate 3.518130
Trinity Pappy Legba 131/15/2010Rate 3.274653
Trinity Passed Stout (alias) 112/8/2010
Trinity Passion Swingline Fruited IPA 4.16/19/2014Rate 3.459522
Trinity Pineapple Head Sour Saison -8/23/2012Rate 3.175
Trinity Rebel Son Saison 5.43/14/2011Rate 3.056
Trinity Red Swingline 4.110/10/2012Rate 3.8495140
Trinity Red Swingline - Peaches & Apricots 4.112/24/2015Rate 3.627
Trinity Saison Beams 5.47/5/2015Rate 3.679415
Trinity Saison Man 4.94/27/2012Rate 3.477451
Trinity Sauvage Blanc 6.66/25/2015Rate 3.588918
Trinity Seed and Root 7.09/1/2009Rate 2.872
Trinity Session Swing 4.16/27/2014Rate 3.355415
Trinity Slap Yer Mammy Double IPA 10.510/21/2009Rate 3.678490
Trinity Soleil Farmhouse Saison 3.810/5/2013Rate 3.238
Trinity Soul Horkey 5.59/23/2008Rate 3.146439
Trinity Sour Threads 6.63/10/2015Rate 3.363
Trinity Southern Hospitality 5.55/23/2010Rate 2.994
Trinity Southwest Saison (alias) -5/16/2011
Trinity Stop Making Sense Eisbock 111/29/2010Rate 3.254539
Trinity Sunna Wit 4.89/22/2008Rate 3.389546
Trinity Super Juice Solution 4.17/3/2014Rate 3.78259
Trinity Swing Se Pliser 4.16/9/2014Rate 3.66514
Trinity Ten Minutes of Pleasure 3.66/9/2013Rate 3.578724
Trinity The Flavor 5.89/17/2010Rate 3.728542
Trinity TPS Report Ale 4.810/1/2009Rate 3.4542151
Trinity Warning Sign Eisbock - 2009 188/13/2009Rate 3.066
Trinity Wee Banshee Irish Heather Ale 7.03/21/2010Rate 2.955
Trinity You Never Even Call Me By My Name 12.28/19/2014Rate 3.538442

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