Brotherly Suds 5 (retired) 6.95/23/2014Rate 3.064
Hard Times Craft Lager (Victory) (retired) 5.21/17/2003Rate 3.186
P.J. Whelihans Copper Lager (alias) 5.04/8/2008
Victory / Bluejacket Brett Dixon 6.93/10/2016Rate 3.48874412
Victory / Garage Project Air Drop 6.17/28/2016Rate 3.211
Victory / Grimm Vis a Vis 5.95/23/2016Rate 3.394
Victory / Sam Adams Brewers Plate Stout (retired) 5.43/27/2014Rate 2.997
Victory / Stone / Dogfish Head Saison du BUFF 6.88/5/2010Rate 3.529082408
Victory 132 Cent IPA (retired) 6.89/11/2008Rate 3.53948913
Victory 1337 Ale 6.03/3/2014Rate 3.31724661
Victory 2014 Hop Ticket #1 Session IPA (alias) (retired) 4.512/31/2014
Victory 2014 Hop Ticket #2 Hoppy Wheat (retired) 5.53/3/2014Rate 3.3739378
Victory 2014 Hop Ticket #3 Dry Hopped Pils (retired) 5.55/6/2014Rate 3.5919996
Victory 2014 Hop Ticket #4 Noble IPA (retired) 6.57/10/2014Rate 3.26714530
Victory 2014 Hop Ticket #5 Sticke Alt (retired) 6.912/10/2014Rate 3.266
Victory 2015 Hop Ticket #1 Black IPA (retired) 6.612/23/2014Rate 3.49895840
Victory 2015 Hop Ticket #2 Dry Hopped Saison (retired) 6.05/13/2015Rate 3.41816125
Victory 2015 Hop Ticket #3 Rye IPA (retired) 6.58/13/2015Rate 3.41826314
Victory 2015 Hop Ticket #4 Belgian Blonde 6.511/3/2015Rate 3.264
Victory 3 Ring (retired) 5.53/21/2009Rate 3.037
Victory 4 Hop Bock (retired) 6.18/11/2013Rate 3.35779638
Victory Abbey 5 (retired) 5.011/30/2009Rate 3.27708121
Victory Abbey 6 (retired) 6.55/21/2007Rate 3.38858867
Victory Abbey 8 (retired) 7.62/2/2009Rate 3.2754822
Victory Abbey IPA (retired) 7.85/16/2013Rate 3.147
Victory All Malt Dark Lager 5.04/14/2000Rate 3.296695153
Victory All Malt Lager (Dortmunder) (retired) 5.210/15/2000Rate 3.4187100101
Victory Alla Spina Arso (retired) 5.31/11/2015Rate 3.123
Victory Alla Spina Halfway IPA (retired) 6.07/15/2014Rate 2.953
Victory Alla Spina Hundred Horse (retired) 5.71/21/2013Rate 2.9641369
Victory Alla Spina Novello (retired) 7.03/3/2012Rate 3.22684714
Victory Alla Spina Verde Tart Saison 6.27/12/2015Rate 3.282
Victory Alla Spina Via Weiss (retired) 4.18/2/2012Rate 3.22704316
Victory Almost Antons Lager (retired) 5.35/7/2008Rate 3.17598721
Victory Altbier 4.75/25/2000Rate 3.45859646
Victory Anniversary 19 Session IPA (retired) 4.51/3/2014Rate 3.458581243
Victory Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA 5.51/5/2016Rate 3.448468131
Victory Bags Packed Porter (retired) 5.89/12/2008Rate 3.41898419
Victory Baltic Thunder 8.58/29/2007Rate 3.629486744
Victory Bavarian Mandarina Pale Ale (retired) 5.55/6/2012Rate 3.28754618
Victory Bavarian Polaris IPA (retired) 7.05/6/2012Rate 3.09522310
Victory Bavarian Spalt Select IPA (retired) 6.05/5/2012Rate 3.43907513
Victory Biere De Garden (retired) 4.61/20/2013Rate 3.37859118
Victory Black Locust Blonde (retired) 6.59/17/2015Rate 3.171
Victory Blackboard Series Agave IPA 7.01/5/2016Rate 3.235736142
Victory Blackboard Series Berliner Weisse with Elderflower 5.26/1/2016Rate 3.52907713
Victory Blackboard Series Dry-Hopped Brett Pils 5.51/8/2016Rate 3.48879928
Victory Bon Vivant (retired) 7.03/10/2015Rate 3.36805110
Victory Bottoms Up Brown Ale (retired) 5.42/22/2010Rate 3.117
Victory Brandywine (alias) 5.34/14/2000
Victory Braumeister Pils 5.57/15/2004Rate 3.694100254
Victory Cage Radler 3.08/3/2015Rate 2.98369837
Victory CBC 013 Pale Ale (retired) 6.15/16/2012Rate 2.994
Victory CBC Altbier (retired) 5.93/24/2014Rate 3.0847489
Victory CBC Black IPA (retired) -4/17/2011Rate 3.21722111
Victory CBC Blanc Saison (retired) 7.04/14/2015Rate 3.5898011
Victory CBC Blanc Session Ale (retired) 4.73/25/2013Rate 3.24726214
Victory CBC Hallertauer Belgian Pale Ale (retired) 6.34/22/2010Rate 3.38889317
Victory CBC Hersbrucker Belgian Pale Ale (retired) 5.84/22/2010Rate 3.23758020
Victory CBC Hollerdauer Bavarian Pale Ale (retired) 7.24/22/2010Rate 3.31834923
Victory CBC Mandarina Best Bitter (retired) 4.34/7/2013Rate 3.11509026
Victory CBC Mandarina Pale Ale (retired) 6.03/25/2013Rate 3.11534211
Victory CBC Melon Session Ale (retired) 4.73/30/2013Rate 3.39878716
Victory CBC Pale Ale #1 (2016) 6.35/2/2016Rate 3.182
Victory CBC Pale Ale #2 (2016) 6.45/2/2016Rate 3.346
Victory CBC Pale Ale (2014) (retired) 6.43/22/2014Rate 3.466
Victory CBC Pils – Saphir (alias) 5.65/2/2016
Victory CBC Pils – Spalt (alias) 5.24/14/2015
Victory CBC Pils – Tettnanger (alias) 5.46/19/2009
Victory CBC Saison (retired) 7.64/23/2011Rate 3.24764020
Victory CBC Saphir Tripel (2010) (retired) 8.64/22/2010Rate 2.922
Victory CBC Saphir Weiss (retired) -6/20/2009Rate 3.26799411
Victory CBC Session Ale (retired) 4.54/14/2015Rate 2.941
Victory CBC Smaragd Belgian Pale Ale (retired) 6.04/22/2010Rate 3.32818831
Victory CBC Terroir Pils (Spalter Hallertauer) (retired) 5.23/22/2014Rate 3.328
Victory CBC Terroir Pils (Tettnang Hallertauer) (retired) 5.24/1/2014Rate 3.195
Victory CBC Terroir Tripel (2014) (retired) 9.13/24/2014Rate 3.195
Victory CBC Tettnang Tripel (alias) 8.94/18/2011
Victory CBC Tettnanger Tripel (2011) (retired) 8.94/18/2011Rate 37
Victory CBC Tripel (2016) 9.65/2/2016Rate 3.46
Victory CBC Weiss (retired) 7.03/24/2014Rate 3.31739611
Victory CBC Witbier 4.54/14/2015Rate 3.3878949
Victory CIPA 6.510/27/2015Rate 31
Victory Citra Pale Ale (alias) 5.25/23/2010
Victory CrAbbey Ale 5.612/30/2013Rate 3.12464920
Victory D-Town Brown Ale (retired) 5.42/26/2005Rate 3.34758529
Victory D’town Draft #429 Red IPA (retired) 7.111/18/2013Rate 2.894
Victory D’town Draft #462 Pils (retired) 5.111/18/2013Rate 3.466
Victory D’town Draft Australian Pale Ale (retired) 6.011/27/2014Rate 3.134
Victory D’town Draft Belgian IPA (retired) 7.02/17/2014Rate 3.175
Victory D’town Draft Biere de Mars (retired) 6.611/7/2014Rate 3.114
Victory D’town Draft D-Town IPA #1 (retired) 6.56/15/2015Rate 3.153
Victory D’town Draft D-Town IPA #3 (retired) 6.57/29/2015Rate 3.153
Victory D’town Draft D-Town IPA #4 (retired) 6.58/27/2015Rate 3.111
Victory D’town Draft D-Town IPA #5 (retired) 6.59/11/2015Rate 3.133
Victory D’town Draft Dark Rye Saison (retired) 5.93/10/2015Rate 3.25623714
Victory D’town Draft Donnybrook Extra Stout 5.84/6/2016Rate 3.111
Victory D’town Draft Fresh Hopped Session IPA (retired) 4.610/10/2014Rate 3.487
Victory D’town Draft G’House Saison (retired) 5.46/23/2014Rate 3.134
Victory D’town Draft Gose (retired) 5.08/21/2014Rate 3.31734810
Victory D’town Draft Hip Czech 4.75/16/2013Rate 3.42839823
Victory D’town Draft Hoppy Belgian (retired) 6.39/24/2014Rate 2.982
Victory D’town Draft Jarrylo IPA (retired) 6.01/11/2015Rate 3.18
Victory D’town Draft Moxee Session IPA (retired) 4.611/3/2014Rate 3.3983659
Victory D’town Draft Nitro Milk Stout (retired) 5.81/4/2015Rate 3.114
Victory D’town Draft Pennsylvania Dutch IPA (retired) 6.45/29/2015Rate 3.122
Victory D’town Draft Round Robin Lager 4.66/1/2015Rate 3.375
Victory D’town Draft Rye IPA (alias) 6.68/21/2014
Victory D’town Draft Smokin’ Oats 5.83/12/2010Rate 3.51898844
Victory D’town Draft Special Bitter (retired) 5.35/6/2014Rate 3.148
Victory D’town Draft Torching Blonde 4.97/15/2014Rate 2.777
Victory D’town Draft Vienna 5.56/20/2016Rate 2.762
Victory D’town Draft Zigga Zagga 5.812/11/2015Rate 3.041
Victory Dampf Beer (retired) 5.98/22/2008Rate 3.11555118
Victory Dark Intrigue (retired) 9.110/13/2010Rate 3.849986341
Victory Dark Lager (alias) 5.03/26/2005
Victory Dark Mild (retired) 3.56/5/2004Rate 3.33
Victory Declaration Nation Ale (retired) 6.23/13/2014Rate 2.978
Victory Deep Cocoa (retired) 8.52/9/2015Rate 3.75988499
Victory Devil Craft Lager 5.13/7/2016Rate 3.286
Victory Dietmannsweiler Tettnang Pils (retired) 4.92/5/2012Rate 3.459110011
Victory DirtWolf Double IPA 8.79/22/2013Rate 3.8899981185
Victory Donnybrook Stout 3.71/25/2007Rate 3.225549306
Victory Donnybrook Stout - Vanilla & Coffee (retired) 3.710/24/2015Rate 3.021
Victory Donnybrook Stout - Vanilla Bean (retired) 3.71/2/2015Rate 2.913
Victory Dr. Decibels Brown Ale (retired) 5.79/17/2006Rate 37
Victory Earth & Flame (retired) 11.79/30/2014Rate 3.66969568
Victory Éclat Cocoa Lager (retired) 5.62/20/2012Rate 3.23738320
Victory Ella Pilsner 5.05/3/2016Rate 3.163
Victory Enigma Saison 5.77/11/2016Rate 31
Victory ESB 5.35/27/2000Rate 3.569510094
Victory Fall Bockwards (retired) 7.511/5/2013Rate 3.08486318
Victory Festbier 5.65/2/2000Rate 3.235792963
Victory Firelight Ale 5.07/13/2016Rate 3.092
Victory Fists of Feury (retired) -6/10/2010Rate 3.136
Victory Fodders Feast (retired) 109/17/2015Rate 3.232
Victory Freigeist Collaboration 5.01/5/2016Rate 3.357
Victory Frische Weisse 5.24/29/2016Rate 3.36764619
Victory Gassy Jack Bitter (retired) 4.97/14/2010Rate 3.15669416
Victory Gold Rush (retired) 5.38/22/2008Rate 3.13619011
Victory Golden Monkey 9.510/15/2000Rate 3.6495972521
Victory Golding Glow (retired) 5.65/13/2013Rate 3.13544413
Victory Grand Cru (retired) 9.06/20/2003Rate 3.699696207
Victory Hallertauer Pils 5.27/27/2001Rate 3.569510028
Victory Harvest Ale 6.510/8/2006Rate 3.659598206
Victory Harvest Pils 6.110/29/2005Rate 3.6395100123
Victory Headwaters Pale Ale 5.22/16/2011Rate 3.518992923
Victory Helios Ale 7.56/25/2005Rate 3.599389820
Victory Helles Fire (retired) 5.83/27/2012Rate 3.35827122
Victory Helles Lager 4.811/13/2003Rate 2.993782461
Victory Herkules (retired) -5/19/2009Rate 3.2716115
Victory Hersbrucker Pils (retired) 5.54/17/2011Rate 3.326
Victory Hop Ranch Imperial India Pale Ale 9.06/4/2013Rate 3.779893465
Victory Hop Wallop 8.512/17/2003Rate 3.6997871847
Victory HopDevil 6.75/27/2000Rate 3.7898993172
Victory HopDevil Lager (retired) 6.54/8/2006Rate 3.172
Victory Hoppy Quad 139/12/2015Rate 3.7979676
Victory Idyll Ale (retired) 5.05/7/2008Rate 3.25699223
Victory Java Cask 14.311/28/2015Rate 3.91999263
Victory K-Bomb Double IPA (retired) 8.53/7/2013Rate 3.46874517
Victory Kennett Ale (retired) 8.64/23/2013Rate 2.867
Victory Kens Full Bell Brew (retired) -7/27/2003Rate 2.661
Victory Kirsch Gose 4.72/12/2015Rate 3.619498321
Victory Kölsch (retired) 5.29/28/2003Rate 3.26719762
Victory KSQ 5-Grain Saison 5.610/12/2015Rate 2.993
Victory KSQ Belgian White 5.010/12/2015Rate 3.073
Victory KSQ Brown Ale 4.510/12/2015Rate 31
Victory KSQ Hopsession 4.311/25/2015Rate 3.122
Victory KSQ Smoked Porter 6.411/25/2015Rate 3.193
Victory Kühl Kölsch 4.94/22/2015Rate 3.42859928
Victory Liberty Bell Ringer (2013) (alias) 9.06/4/2013
Victory Liberty Bell Ringer (2014) (retired) 8.56/15/2014Rate 2.872
Victory Liberty Bell Ringer (2015-) 8.56/1/2015Rate 3.37793412
Victory Limey Gose 4.77/8/2016Rate 3.183
Victory Lizardbock (retired) 6.75/22/2011Rate 3.21699013
Victory Longwood Autumn Harvest (retired) 5.010/12/2015Rate 3.033
Victory Longwood Seasons: Summer Zest 5.27/25/2016Rate 3.042
Victory Mad Kings Weiss 6.28/11/2001Rate 3.58999280
Victory Midlands Stout (retired) 5.210/26/2012Rate 3.38857814
Victory Mighty Mild 3.97/6/2016Rate 3.093
Victory Mild Rye’d (retired) 5.17/13/2012Rate 3.31808717
Victory Milltown Dark Mild (alias) 3.34/7/2003
Victory Milltown Mild (retired) 3.34/2/2003Rate 3.05474635
Victory Missenhardt Tettnang Pils (retired) 5.12/9/2012Rate 3.398
Victory Molly’s Hop Clover (retired) 6.51/20/2014Rate 2.882
Victory Monk-Mosa 9.59/5/2015Rate 3.164
Victory Moonglow Weizenbock 8.74/14/2000Rate 3.659597897
Victory Moving Parts IPA - Batch 01 (retired) 7.25/16/2014Rate 3.448469132
Victory Moving Parts IPA - Batch 02 (retired) 6.410/1/2014Rate 3.38815999
Victory Moving Parts IPA - Batch 03 (retired) 6.61/27/2015Rate 3.55928792
Victory Moving Parts IPA - Batch 04 (retired) 7.05/14/2015Rate 3.54918556
Victory Moving Parts IPA - Batch 05 (retired) 6.59/7/2015Rate 3.38785564
Victory NATO IPA (retired) 7.012/17/2012Rate 3.49928534
Victory Oak Horizontal (retired) 10.512/21/2012Rate 3.869997170
Victory Old Horizontal 118/22/2000Rate 4100991637
Victory Otto (retired) 8.110/16/2011Rate 3.286949216
Victory Otto in Oak (retired) 8.15/13/2012Rate 3.68969854
Victory PJs Session IPA (retired) 5.012/3/2013Rate 2.925
Victory Populist Pale Ale (retired) 5.05/27/2000Rate 3.074
Victory Prima Pils 5.311/17/2000Rate 3.58931002397
Victory Pursuit Pale Ale (Citra & Simcoe) (retired) -11/5/2010Rate 3.113
Victory Pursuit Pale Ale (Citra) (retired) 5.51/25/2010Rate 3.41899034
Victory Pursuit Pale Ale (El Dorado) (retired) -12/16/2010Rate 3.168
Victory Pursuit Pale Ale (Simcoe) (retired) -9/24/2010Rate 3.27777112
Victory Ranch (Cascade) (retired) 9.012/27/2011Rate 3.57956746
Victory Ranch (Centennial & Mosaic) (retired) 9.07/30/2013Rate 2.951
Victory Ranch (Centennial) (retired) 9.03/2/2012Rate 3.679683125
Victory Ranch (Chinook) (retired) 9.08/19/2012Rate 3.29762716
Victory Ranch (Citra & Simcoe) (retired) 9.08/20/2012Rate 3.59967233
Victory Ranch (Citra) (retired) 9.01/4/2013Rate 3.43894513
Victory Ranch (Citra, Simcoe & Mosaic) (retired) 9.010/23/2013Rate 2.911
Victory Ranch (Simcoe) (retired) 9.04/9/2013Rate 3.52935816
Victory Ranch 369 Hop Edition (retired) 7.55/16/2012Rate 3.34823315
Victory Ranch C Philly Beer Week (alias) 9.08/20/2012
Victory Ranch R (alias) 9.03/2/2012
Victory Ranch S (alias) 9.012/27/2011
Victory Rauch Porter (retired) 5.12/28/2009Rate 3.39887038
Victory Rauch Weizen (retired) 5.210/16/2010Rate 2.861
Victory Red Rye Rattler (retired) 4.59/17/2015Rate 2.891
Victory Red Thunder (retired) 8.511/19/2012Rate 3.619483242
Victory Reitplatz Tettnang Pils (retired) 5.22/9/2012Rate 3.368
Victory Resolution Porter (retired) 8.312/31/2004Rate 3.6895232
Victory Rottenberger Pils (retired) 5.04/22/2012Rate 2.951
Victory Rye Expression (retired) 7.42/17/2013Rate 3.31808716
Victory Saaz Pils (retired) 5.53/21/2009Rate 3.45899918
Victory Saphir Ale (retired) 10.24/22/2008Rate 3.25693833
Victory Saphir Bock (retired) 7.44/22/2007Rate 3.27768721
Victory Saphir Pils 5.68/30/2008Rate 3.699610030
Victory Scarlet Fire Rauchbier 5.84/27/2003Rate 3.48577137
Victory Scarlet Moon (retired) 7.48/28/2008Rate 3.32835520
Victory Scarlet Sunset (retired) 6.210/9/2010Rate 3.2477459
Victory Schwarz Pils (retired) 5.66/20/2009Rate 3.5929740
Victory Schwarzwalder Pils (retired) 5.211/29/2003Rate 3.345
Victory Scottish Ale (retired) 4.63/8/2002Rate 3.334
Victory Shack Frost Ale (retired) 6.612/29/2014Rate 3.344
Victory Sladek Pils 4.810/9/2010Rate 3.458
Victory Smaragd Pils 5.212/22/2012Rate 3.197
Victory Sommerbock (retired) 6.78/7/2013Rate 3.39879810
Victory Sour Monkey (retired) 9.53/3/2015Rate 3.639570137
Victory Spalt Select Pils 5.26/28/2009Rate 3.599410021
Victory Squeaky Wheel (retired) 6.28/11/2013Rate 3.08485411
Victory St. Boisterous Hellerbock 7.310/15/2000Rate 3.317294358
Victory St. Victorious Doppelbock 7.95/27/2000Rate 3.549193453
Victory Sticke’y Monkey (retired) 10.312/23/2010Rate 3.31783220
Victory Storm King Imperial Stout 9.110/27/2000Rate 4100963032
Victory Storm King Imperial Stout - Oak Chips (retired) 9.11/13/2015Rate 2.881
Victory Storm King Imperial Stout - Vanilla, Cocoa, Rye Whiskey Oak (retired) 9.23/10/2016Rate 3.393
Victory Strangeways Golden Ale (retired) 3.92/9/2010Rate 2.72252722
Victory Strass Tettnang Pils (retired) 5.12/9/2012Rate 3.228
Victory Strisselspalt Pils (retired) 5.56/29/2010Rate 3.226
Victory Summa Ale (retired) 5.911/28/2010Rate 3.186
Victory Summer Love 5.26/7/2010Rate 3.438398757
Victory Sunrise Weissbier 5.710/15/2000Rate 3.498899435
Victory Sunset Dunkelweizen 5.110/15/2000Rate 3.56949946
Victory Swing Session Saison (retired) 4.52/28/2013Rate 3.36843378
Victory Tandem: Black & Tan 5.77/25/2016 U  0
Victory Tart Ten 105/31/2016Rate 3.47874440
Victory Ten Years Alt 8.72/13/2006Rate 3.58998392
Victory Tettnang Pils 5.77/9/2003Rate 3.5899972
Victory Throwback Lager 5.44/8/2005Rate 3.01389952
Victory Tripilsner (retired) 8.84/8/2006Rate 3.33849116
Victory UK IPA (retired) 6.410/26/2012Rate 3.167
Victory UK PA (retired) 5.12/1/2005Rate 3.22698920
Victory Uncle Teddys Bitter 3.91/15/2003Rate 3.195093138
Victory Uncle Teddys Bitter - Chamomile & Rose Petals (retired) -8/18/2014Rate 2.791
Victory Unity Kölsch 4.65/16/2014Rate 3.397
Victory US PA (retired) 5.72/1/2005Rate 2.91341817
Victory V Lager (alias) 4.81/16/2015
Victory V Saison (alias) 7.56/25/2005
Victory V10 (retired) 1010/4/2002Rate 3.549485149
Victory V1009 (retired) -3/31/2001Rate 3.151
Victory V12 123/23/2003Rate 3.749797960
Victory Vic Secret IPA 6.05/9/2016Rate 3.122
Victory Vienna Lager (retired) 6.76/5/2004Rate 3.19709114
Victory Village 5.18/24/2010Rate 3.39808952
Victory Vital IPA 6.510/4/2015Rate 3.448469188
Victory Volver Ale (retired) -7/24/2011Rate 2.831
Victory Wee Heavy (retired) 11.711/29/2014Rate 31
Victory Whirlwind Witbier 5.06/15/2000Rate 3.337392774
Victory White Monkey 9.53/1/2013Rate 3.69496245
Victory Wiesen Lager (retired) 5.910/1/2007Rate 3.26799513
Victory Wild Devil Ale 6.75/7/2008Rate 3.639569710
Victory Winner Winner Victory Berliner (retired) 4.59/17/2015Rate 3.092
Victory Winter Bock (retired) 5.21/18/2014Rate 2.92
Victory Winter Cheers 6.710/16/2013Rate 3.377794252
Victory Workhorse Porter (retired) 5.44/14/2000Rate 3.49837457
Victory XX Anniversary Imperial Pilsner 8.03/5/2016Rate 3.48879534
Victory Yakima Glory (retired) 8.711/26/2008Rate 3.79793823
Victory Zeltbier 6.211/9/2010Rate 3.12508430

.Places associated: Victory Brewing - Downingtown, Victory Beer Hall - Xfinity Live, Victory Brewing - Parkesburg, Chickie’s & Pete’s.
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