Vilniaus Tauras (Royal Unibrew)

Contract Brewer
Associated place: Cafe/Bar Kisenele

A brewery until 2005, since then the production has been moved to the Kalnapilis plant.
Tauras Gira Nefiltruota 1.211/3/2012Rate 2.5914929
Tauras 1860 Jubiliejinis 5.65/20/2012Rate 2.742
Tauras Bravoro Rinktinis 5.48/18/2015Rate 2.772
Tauras Kobra (retired) 87/14/2002Rate 2.156
Tauras Legedinis (retired) 610/27/2002Rate 2.972
Tauras Sostinės (retired) 8.27/20/2004Rate 1.944
Tauras Stiprusis 7.56/21/2013Rate 2.612
Valdovu Rumai (retired) 5.27/14/2002Rate 2.72
Tauras Alus Su Medumi 8.212/20/2010Rate 2.663
Tauras Dvigubo Salyklo (retired) 6.59/1/2012Rate 2.741
Tauras Ekstra 5.28/9/2006Rate 2.41108616
Tauras Gyvas (retired) 5.911/19/2010Rate 2.924
Tauras Nefiltruotas (retired) 7.75/17/2011Rate 2.571
Tauras Pilsneris 4.611/23/2001Rate 2.3691748
Tauras Porteris 6.37/2/2012Rate 3.19632919
Tauras Ruginis 5.54/2/2014Rate 2.595
Tauras Taurusis 5.25/17/2004Rate 2.3197810
Tauras Tradicinis 611/29/2001Rate 2.3493544
.Associated place: Cafe/Bar Kisenele.
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