Viru Õlu (Harboe)

Commercial Brewery

Note: Some or all cider-like products from this producer has been determined to not fullfill the criteria to be listed as a cider on this site. If adding a new cider, please verify that it fulfill the criteria. Also be cautioned that it may be unlisted without notice.
69°N Isfjord Brown Ale 5.05/29/2016Rate 2.921
69°N Isfjord Classic 4.511/13/2014Rate 2.55133519
69°N Isfjord Dark Lager 5.411/13/2014Rate 2.72184723
69°N Isfjord Hvedeøl 4.86/11/2015Rate 2.66162230
69°N Julebryg (alias) 6.011/13/2014
Grønland Ice Cap Beer Amber Lager 4.78/18/2008Rate 2.46112684
Grønland Ice Cap Beer Dark Lager (retired) 4.78/18/2008Rate 2.53133338
Grønland Ice Cap Beer Ice Fjord Lager 6.09/28/2010Rate 2.65161992
Grønland Ice Cap Beer Juleøl (Christmas Brew) 6.011/16/2008Rate 2.61146101
Kochi Ait Aida Hele Õlu (retired)
Brewed by/for Koch Pruulikoda
5.06/30/2012Rate 2.454
Kochi Ait Aida Tume Õlu (retired)
Brewed by/for Koch Pruulikoda
5.05/25/2012Rate 2.714
Walter Premium (retired)
Brewed by/for Rimi Baltic
5.05/28/2011Rate 2.1365112
Walter Premium Alcohol Free
Brewed by/for Rimi Baltic
-6/17/2011Rate 2.278
Stronzo Brown Stronzo
Brewed by/for Stronzo Brewing Co.
5.610/28/2011Rate 3.19626987
Žiguli Õlu 4.64/24/2010Rate 2.0244127
Axel Beer 4.74/3/2013Rate 1.963210
Bogatõrskoe (retired) 8.06/3/2008Rate 2.545
Elektra Kange 7.57/10/2006Rate 2.1466912
Elektra Õlu 4.17/10/2006Rate 1.7811917
Envils Senlatviešu Gaišais (retired) 5.07/30/2006Rate 1.996
Frederik Pilsner 4.38/3/2003Rate 2.064547
Frederik Porter (retired) 6.78/3/2003Rate 2.785
Frederik Premium (retired) 4.63/26/2002Rate 2.418
Frederik Tosin (retired) 125/24/2004Rate 2.434
Frederik Vaba (retired) -9/18/2003Rate 1.9234316
Hell Hunt Ale (alias) 5.612/23/2013
Hell Hunt Cider 4.72/20/2007Rate 2.258711
Hell Hunt Hele 4.66/16/2004Rate 2.46108734
Hell Hunt Nisuõlu (alias) 4.68/10/2013
Hell Hunt Tume 5.06/16/2004Rate 2.73192438
Õllekõrs Brown Ale 5.05/27/2016Rate 2.218
Õllekõrs Coffee Stout 6.54/13/2015Rate 2.236029
Õllekõrs Gourmet Ale 5.510/9/2015Rate 2.84262816
Õllekõrs Indian Pale Ale 5.24/12/2015Rate 2.4610037
Õllekraan Majaõlu 5.09/29/2012Rate 2.484
Puls Ale 5.25/3/2012Rate 2.61151322
Puls Alkoholivaba Hele Õlu 0.56/24/2008Rate 1.7312420
Puls Alkoholivaba Tume Õlu -6/24/2008Rate 1.9634516
Puls Classic 5.06/15/2009Rate 244035
Puls Extra Lager 5.05/1/2006Rate 2.0954740
Puls Extra Lager - Eripruul Kuivhumalaga 5.06/7/2014Rate 2.49123316
Puls Extra Lager - Jaani (alias) 5.06/2/2015
Puls Hele Ingveriõlu (retired) 4.65/13/2009Rate 2.43111222
Puls Hele Laimiõlu (retired) 4.68/30/2007Rate 2.0651810
Puls Hele Meeõlu (retired) 4.67/27/2007Rate 2.38101112
Puls Ice (retired) 4.35/29/2009Rate 2.0654516
Puls Jäägri Õlu (retired) 5.411/19/2008Rate 2.53141628
Puls Jõululegend Tume Õlu 5.411/23/2005Rate 2.57141141
Puls Jõulusiider 4.711/21/2011 U  2.5113169
Puls Kadakaõlu 5.05/9/2016Rate 2.54121410
Puls Kerge Sidrun (Sidruniõlu) (retired) 4.25/4/2010Rate 2.0551816
Puls Lager Beer 5.01/16/2016Rate 2.55
Puls Leedri- sidrunimaitseline Siider 4.56/30/2015 U  0
Puls Lihavõtteõlu 5.23/2/2015Rate 2.64154010
Puls Märzen (retired) 5.46/9/2007Rate 2.62184235
Puls Nisuõlu 4.65/5/2012Rate 2.5614827
Puls Õunasiider 4.712/21/2010 U  2.475
Puls Pilsner 4.27/10/2006Rate 2.26928
Puls Pirnimaitseline Siider 4.75/30/2009 U  2.1152016
Puls Tume Kirss 4.66/9/2007Rate 2.55132451
Puls Tume Lager 5.05/1/2006Rate 2.5312868
Puls Vaskne Lager 5.25/16/2014Rate 2.67174312
Remondiõlu (retired) 5.36/3/2008Rate 2.525
Vana Willem Old Ale (alias) 5.25/16/2014
Viru Bear Beer 7.5% (alias) (retired) 7.55/24/2004
Viru Bear Beer 8% (alias) (retired) 8.012/16/2007
Viru Bear Beer Ice 5.01/28/2005Rate 1.7511614
Viru Blond Ice 5.06/30/2008Rate 1.917
Viru GB Bock˛ (retired) 7.25/4/2012Rate 2.339112
Viru GB FinAle (retired) 6.54/29/2012Rate 2.57143730
Viru GB Piney (retired) 5.24/29/2012Rate 2.5412228
Viru GB Wild Dark 5.411/2/2012Rate 2.298828
Viru Jõulusokk 6.011/2/2009Rate 2.6118823
Viru Õlu 2000 (retired) 101/18/2002Rate 2.432
Viru Piraat Õlu 4.2% (retired) 4.24/4/2012Rate 2.185
Viru Piraat Õlu 7% (retired) 7.04/4/2012Rate 2.15
Viru Premium (retired) 4.56/16/2004Rate 2.0464728
Viru Protsendiõlu 3,5% (retired) 3.55/24/2011Rate 2.197
Viru Protsendiõlu 5,3% (retired) 5.35/24/2011Rate 2.336
Viru Punk Õlu (retired) 4.66/27/2011Rate 2.39779
Viru Säästu Kange (alias) 7.512/18/2008
Viru Säästu Pilsner (alias) 4.212/18/2008
Viru Saunaõlu 4.85/13/2009Rate 2.1665737
Viru Svejkiõlu (retired) 4.73/17/2008Rate 2.483
Viru Talveõlu 5.01/28/2005Rate 2.5112720
Viru Tasuja 4.8% 4.83/21/2014Rate 2.098
Viru Tasuja 7% 7.04/26/2013Rate 2.0641215
Viru Toolse (Eripruul Hele Õlu) 4.78/3/2003Rate 2.1876022
Viru Toolse Export Premium (retired) 5.91/18/2002Rate 2.562
Viru Toolse Original Pilsner (alias) 4.26/16/2004
Viru Trump Hele Õlu (retired) 4.74/6/2007Rate 2.442
Viru Vahva Sõdur (retired) 5.26/19/2004Rate 2.235
Wiru Export (retired) 5.37/28/2007Rate 2.35108210
Wiru Kadakaõlu (retired) 5.05/30/2008Rate 2.48121422
Wiru Original Lager (retired) 4.87/28/2007Rate 2.3297811
Wiru Palmse 5.68/7/2003Rate 2.77222858
Wiru Tume (retired) 5.05/12/2008Rate 2.481259
Puls Dark Wheat 5.46/5/2015Rate 2.578
Puls Extra Lager - Export 5.211/9/2010Rate 2.1555514

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