(Out Of Business)

Commenced brewing in Oct 2005. Based in a private house. Stopped brewing in 2011.
WC A Wee Frost (retired) 5.04/13/2010Rate 2.63
WC Ah’ve Weed Again Pet (retired) 4.36/28/2009Rate 2.91
WC Californian Gold Rush (retired) 5.210/27/2009Rate 2.871
WC Drew Peacock’s Double IPA (retired) 8.31/28/2010Rate 3.045
WC Flushed With Pride (retired) 4.05/10/2006Rate 2.871
WC Golden Cascade (retired) 4.05/10/2006Rate 2.931
WC Gypsys Kiss (retired) 4.15/10/2006Rate 2.791
WC Kiwee Gold (retired) 4.55/21/2010Rate 2.871
WC Lift A Buttercup (retired) 4.17/31/2009Rate 2.871
WC Peak Flow (retired) 4.58/17/2009Rate 2.871
WC Slow Motion Stout (retired) 4.111/1/2009Rate 2.841
WC Spring A Leak (retired) 4.37/31/2009Rate 2.811
WC The Trotskys (retired) 7.05/20/2011Rate 2.931
WC Vinda Loo (retired) 6.510/29/2009Rate 2.91
WC Windward Passage (retired) 3.811/17/2009Rate 2.791
WC Yellow Snow (retired) 5.52/12/2007Rate 2.841
WC Yuletide Log (retired) 4.85/10/2006Rate 2.871
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