Mt. Shasta 530 Belgian Pale Ale 5.35/1/2015Rate 3.022
Mt. Shasta Abner Weed Amber Ale 5.57/17/2004Rate 3.3708963
Mt. Shasta Abner Weed’s Apple Ale 6.01/20/2016Rate 2.891
Mt. Shasta Ale (retired) 5.312/27/2013Rate 2.831
Mt. Shasta Bourbon Barrel Stout (retired) 9.08/4/2010Rate 2.71
Mt. Shasta Brewers Cherry Kriek 8.58/7/2008Rate 2.974
Mt. Shasta Brewers Creek Pale Ale (retired) 6.07/17/2004Rate 3.047
Mt. Shasta ET Weed (retired) 6.08/4/2010Rate 2.831
Mt. Shasta Extraterrestrial Weed (alias) 6.05/29/2014
Mt. Shasta Government Shutdown Sticke Alt Stout 8.512/27/2013Rate 3.112
Mt. Shasta Hempeweizen (retired) 5.08/21/2011Rate 2.892
Mt. Shasta Jalapeño Weed 5.58/4/2010Rate 3.14486134
Mt. Shasta King Glen Imperial Bitter (retired) -6/6/2004Rate 3.326
Mt. Shasta Lemurian Lager 6.08/25/2005Rate 3397637
Mt. Shasta Mountain High IPA 7.07/18/2004Rate 3.358158115
Mt. Shasta Shastafarian Porter 6.04/11/2004Rate 3.69496149
Mt. Shasta Skip & Go Naked (2015) 4.51/20/2016Rate 31
Mt. Shasta Skip And Go Naked (2010-2013) 4.88/4/2010Rate 2.876
Mt. Shasta Skip And Go Naked (2014) 4.27/1/2014Rate 0
Mt. Shasta Sour Diesel 9.012/27/2013Rate 2.91
Mt. Shasta Sterke (retired) 9.010/15/2013Rate 2.961
Mt. Shasta Stout of Jefferson 8.52/12/2008Rate 3.327
Mt. Shasta Weed Golden Ale 4.57/17/2004Rate 2.94354536
.Places associated: Mt. Shasta Brewing Company, Weed Alehouse.
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