Arch Brewing Dinner Jacket Red IPA
Brewed by/for Arch Brewing Company
6.35/13/2013Rate 3.19503057
Double Trouble Fire in the Rye 6.110/25/2013Rate 3.38788789
Double Trouble Hops and Robbers IPA 5.710/31/2011Rate 3.044114179
Double Trouble Prison Break Breakout Pilsner 54/18/2013Rate 3.01387686
Augusta Ale 5.54/3/2011Rate 3.28655780
Kensington Baldwin FishEYE-PA 6.54/25/2012Rate 3.25644075
Kensington Santa’s ’Stache (retired) 511/28/2013Rate 3.085
Kensington Watermelon Wheat 56/25/2012Rate 2.77213838
Stouffville Red Falcon Ale 58/30/2013Rate 2.92323717
Sweetgrass Golden Ale 4.93/12/2014Rate 2.9293822
Welington Red Sky at Night 8.24/28/2015Rate 3.022
Wellington (Extra)Terrestrial India Brown Ale 8.24/26/2014Rate 2.871
Wellington 2014 A Spice Odyssey 712/18/2014Rate 3.252
Wellington 2015: A Spice Odyssey 711/30/2015Rate 3.41827413
Wellington 30th Anniversary Ale 8.29/9/2015Rate 3.35764011
Wellington Against The Currant 5.57/15/2016Rate 2.952
Wellington Apples 2 Oranges 7.42/20/2015Rate 2.861
Wellington Arkell Best Bitter 3.56/4/2000Rate 3.084478164
Wellington Beehive Lager (retired) 5.212/28/2000Rate 2.3117731
Wellington Bewitched Belgian IPA 77/5/2014Rate 2.731
Wellington Bike Ryed 4.78/11/2013Rate 2.84322712
Wellington Bootchuck IPA 5.56/29/2012Rate 3.06491920
Wellington Carved Out 2015 Pumpkin Ale (alias) 5.411/28/2015
Wellington Carved Out Pumpkin 4.611/16/2014Rate 2.923
Wellington Ce’ Da Bitter Blue (retired) 6/17/2011Rate 2.75294911
Wellington Chamomile & Chaga Mushroom Ale (retired) 5/20/2011Rate 2.852
Wellington Chocolate Milk Stout 7.29/19/2012Rate 3.45856846
Wellington County Dark Ale 56/4/2000Rate 3.225662196
Wellington County Gastropub #29 (alias) 11/8/2013
Wellington Crabby Queena’s Crabapple Saison 4.912/3/2015Rate 3.021
Wellington Cuckoo for Cocoa Husks 610/29/2014Rate 3.257
Wellington Dandy Rye-PA 6/16/2015Rate 3.021
Wellington Dry Hopped Arkell Best Bitter (alias) 49/22/2013
Wellington El Lado Oscuro 5/27/2016Rate 3.021
Wellington Farmers’ Market Rhubarb Saison 57/5/2014Rate 3.188
Wellington Fresh Off The Wire 6.39/11/2015Rate 3.054
Wellington Frost Quake 9.812/18/2014Rate 3.32733413
Wellington Giggle Juice 53/2/2016Rate 2.961
Wellington Gourd’n Lightfoot 4.79/22/2013Rate 38
Wellington Gruit Yourself 5.71/26/2016Rate 0
Wellington Gryphon Gold 4.58/26/2014Rate 2.927
Wellington Heathers Witbier 57/10/2015Rate 3.134
Wellington Homegrown Bitter (retired) 5.29/23/2011Rate 3.08538710
Wellington Imperial Russian Stout 85/22/2000Rate 3.639548341
Wellington Imperial Russian Stout (Oak Aged) 89/22/2013Rate 2.911
Wellington IPA 5.53/19/2011Rate 3.25754424
Wellington Iron Duke Dark Saison (retired) 7.510/20/2013Rate 3.096
Wellington Iron Duke Porter (retired) 5.711/25/2000Rate 2.912
Wellington Iron Duke Strong Ale 6.56/30/2000Rate 3.478795194
Wellington Island Hopper Pale Ale 4.88/11/2014Rate 2.833
Wellington Kickin’ Back Dry Hopped Session Ale 4.84/21/2015Rate 3.11453519
Wellington Kolvoord Hopburst (retired) 8.69/15/2013Rate 2.985
Wellington Maple Stout (retired) 8.52/19/2011Rate 2.841
Wellington Milk Chocolate Stout (alias) 89/19/2012
Wellington Needlepoint Hibiscus Spruce Ale 6.411/29/2015Rate 3.091
Wellington Oast House Ale (retired) 5.59/25/2010Rate 2.917
Wellington Ol Cranny 10/29/2012Rate 2.66
Wellington Put Your Duke’s Up 6.510/4/2014Rate 3.024
Wellington Quick Brown Fox ESB 610/20/2013Rate 3.047
Wellington Resinator 6.95/15/2015Rate 0
Wellington Root Down Ginger Beer 55/15/2014Rate 2.956
Wellington Rose, Hibiscus & Pear Ale (retired) 4.57/27/2012Rate 2.861
Wellington Rustic Lager 4.59/10/2015Rate 2.961
Wellington S’Wheat Thang 5.54/8/2014Rate 2.924
Wellington Shadowplay Schwarzbier (retired) 59/14/2013Rate 3.08475212
Wellington Shangri-la IPA 66/16/2013Rate 3.29754815
Wellington Silver Wheat Ale 46/8/2010Rate 2.42131060
Wellington Sleet Wheat Wine 11.512/18/2014Rate 2.892
Wellington Smokey The Beer 2/22/2013Rate 0
Wellington Sour Cherry Brown Ale (retired) 56/25/2012Rate 2.916
Wellington Spaltacus (retired) 8.56/3/2012Rate 2.746
Wellington Special Pale Ale 4.512/28/2000Rate 2.832534186
Wellington Sputnik Imperial Stout 82/12/2014Rate 3.095
Wellington St. Joseph’s Wort Basil Coffee Porter 4.111/23/2015Rate 3.021
Wellington Stout MC˛ (retired) 93/14/2011Rate 2.853
Wellington Summerthyme Lager 7/28/2013Rate 2.861
Wellington SupPorter (retired) 69/29/2012Rate 3.064
Wellington Terrestrial India Brown Ale 5.92/13/2012Rate 3.39819042
Wellington Trailhead Lager 4.59/25/2000Rate 2.712148110
Wellington Train Hoppin’ IPA 6.41/19/2016Rate 3.091
Wellington Treaty of Paris 65/5/2013Rate 2.823
Wellington Turkey In The Straw 4.54/11/2016Rate 3.061
Wellington Walk The Plank 612/16/2014Rate 2.994
Wellington Welly Mammoth Winter Stout (retired) 912/24/2011Rate 3.1557613
Wellington Welly One-Off Bad Seed Pomegranate Wheat 5.28/31/2014Rate 2.892
Wellington Welly One-Off Cedar Rye PA 5.712/21/2013Rate 2.841
Wellington Welly One-Off Farmers’ Market Rhubarb Saison (alias) 58/31/2014
Wellington Welly One-Off Kentucky Common 4.512/27/2013Rate 2.811
Wellington Welly One-Off Morning Brew Coffee Cream Stout (retired) 6.712/10/2012Rate 3.246
Wellington Welly One-Off Rye-it (retired) 5.54/15/2012Rate 3.12575712
Wellington Welly One-Off Sour D’oh 5.59/24/2012Rate 2.772
Wellington Welly One-Off Winey Crank 5.210/9/2014Rate 2.833
Wellington Welly One-Off Yuletide Barley Wine 9.812/15/2013Rate 3.197
Wellington Wine Not 612/18/2014Rate 0
Wellington/F&M 777 Blackened IPA (retired) 6/19/2011Rate 3.145
Wellington/F&M Guelph Special Bitter (retired) 6.58/3/2011Rate 3.016
Wellington/Grand River Booby Trap Trippel (retired) 9.54/9/2013Rate 3.135

.Associated place: Wellington County Brewery.
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