White / Edge

(Out Of Business)

Commenced brewing 1995. Closed in 2011 although a new company - Edge Brewing Co - took over the brewing equipment and now makes a different range of beers on the same site, although some of the old White names have been re-used (possibly with recipe changes). Ceased brewing under the Edge name in late 2011 although the Franklins operation at the same location continues.
Edge Brighton Rocks (retired) 4.05/27/2010Rate 2.81282616
Edge IPA (retired) 3.65/25/2011Rate 2.893
White Abbey Cider (retired) 6.92/19/2011Rate 0
White Blonde (retired) 4.02/1/2008Rate 2.924
White Bottle of Hastings (retired) 4.52/19/2011Rate 2.91
White Chilly Willy (retired) 5.11/7/2006Rate 3.03492115
White Dark Mild (retired) 4.01/19/2004Rate 3.17677720
White Dave’s Backcider (alias) (retired) 6.92/19/2011
White Dragon 2 Knight (retired) 4.07/18/2010Rate 2.742
White Franklins Tea (retired) 4.22/19/2011Rate 2.923
White Full Nelson (retired) 4.07/25/2005Rate 2.771
White Garter Star 1344 (retired) 4.98/15/2011Rate 2.481409
White Heart of Rother (retired) 4.52/13/2006Rate 2.828
White Lovehandle (retired) 3.87/27/2009Rate 2.841
White Maiden Bexhill (retired) 4.52/10/2007Rate 2.994
White Patriot (retired) 3.87/19/2010Rate 2.862
White Weissbier (retired) 4.02/19/2011Rate 0
White White Christmas (retired) 4.01/14/2009Rate 2.82
White White Gold (retired) 4.910/25/2005Rate 2.86374425
White Wizard Wand Waver (retired) 4.511/9/2009Rate 2.912
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