Williamsburg Brewing Company

(Out Of Business)

Operated 1996 to 2005 IMPORTANT NOTICE: This brewery is out of business. There is currently a different brewery at the same location with a similar name and with some similar beer names. Unless you are rating from notes from 2005 or earlier, you need to rate your beer under the Williamsburg Alewerks entry. Thank you.
Williamsburg Colonial Mild (retired) -5/15/2005Rate 2.661
Williamsburg Cranberry & Molasses Stock Ale (Harvest Ale 2004) (retired) 5.51/8/2005Rate 2.48182614
Williamsburg Grand Illumination Ale (retired) 9.42/28/2003Rate 3.0140525
Williamsburg Irish Stout (retired) -3/24/2004Rate 2.782
Williamsburg Pale Ale (retired) 5.56/4/2001Rate 3.08493837
Williamsburg Porter (retired) 6.56/4/2001Rate 3.34867434
Williamsburg Steamer (retired) -10/16/2002Rate 3.071
Williamsburg Stock Ale (retired) 5.05/24/2002Rate 2.6321833
Williamsburg Summer Ale (retired) 4.88/14/2004Rate 2.921
Williamsburg Tavern Ale (retired) -10/16/2002Rate 3.032
Williamsburg Wheat Ale (retired) 4.56/4/2001Rate 2.82335239

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