King Beer Elixir #1 4.89/11/2015Rate 31
King Beer Lovers Rock 4.63/18/2015Rate 2.871
King Beer Red River (alias) 4.85/16/2015
King Beer Working Class Hero 4.28/16/2015Rate 2.981
Kings Evolution Black Symphony 5.03/18/2014Rate 2.92
Kings Evolution Hopa Cobana 4.26/27/2014Rate 2.732
Kings Evolution Northern Lights 4.212/18/2013Rate 2.914111
Kings Evolution State Of Independence 5.08/4/2014Rate 2.791
Kings Evolution Warrior 4.811/30/2013Rate 2.996
Kings Evolution Working Class Hero 3.65/20/2014Rate 2.764
Kings Heritage Lost Kingdom 5.23/16/2014Rate 3.034411
Kings Heritage Poachers Moon 4.12/13/2014Rate 2.937
Kings Heritage Wonderland 4.112/22/2014Rate 3.033
WJ King Ace of Ales 4.36/29/2005Rate 2.811
WJ King Admiral 4.28/13/2009Rate 2.842
WJ King Amarillo 4.23/30/2006Rate 2.731
WJ King Autumn Mist 4.210/30/2006Rate 2.872
WJ King Birthday Beer 4.45/7/2007Rate 2.77229
WJ King Bramling Cross 4.28/14/2006Rate 2.961
WJ King Brighton Best 4.05/14/2011Rate 2.924026
WJ King Brighton Blonde 3.95/23/2011Rate 3.015422
WJ King Broadshield 4.06/7/2005Rate 2.714
WJ King Cascade 4.23/24/2013Rate 2.822
WJ King Cereal Thriller 6.33/4/2004Rate 2.89159
WJ King Chestnut Brown Ale 4.210/20/2012Rate 2.811
WJ King Dragons T’Ale 6.15/3/2004Rate 2.841
WJ King Festive 4.71/28/2013Rate 3.026
WJ King Festive Spiced 4.812/9/2012Rate 2.812
WJ King Five Generations 4.411/16/2000Rate 2.761918
WJ King Fool’s Gold 4.511/1/2009Rate 2.761
WJ King Green Bullet 4.36/14/2011Rate 2.832813
WJ King Grenadier 5.08/23/2005Rate 2.593
WJ King Harvest Ale 4.110/23/2006Rate 2.932
WJ King Hopping Mad 5.110/24/2004Rate 2.881
WJ King Horsham Best 3.82/6/2004Rate 2.863635
WJ King IPA 5.24/1/2007Rate 2.882022
WJ King Kings Gold 4.27/20/2012Rate 2.84
WJ King Kings Old Ale 4.53/20/2004Rate 3.335941
WJ King Kings Royal Mild 3.65/23/2011Rate 2.922
WJ King Kings Wheat Mash 5.19/17/2011Rate 2.845
WJ King Mallard Ale 5.01/20/2005Rate 2.717
WJ King Market Porter 5.010/13/2011Rate 3.127
WJ King Merry Ale 6.512/31/2002Rate 3.124734
WJ King Mighty Mogul 5.12/28/2006Rate 3.031
WJ King Mild 3.55/13/2004Rate 3.082
WJ King Mother In Law 4.13/25/2008Rate 2.884
WJ King Oatmeal Stout 4.41/20/2005Rate 2.973
WJ King Old Dad 5.07/7/2007Rate 2.72
WJ King Old Smokey 5.111/29/2011Rate 2.856
WJ King Pale Ale 4.27/29/2015Rate 2.831
WJ King Rapier 3.84/23/2011Rate 2.872
WJ King Red River 4.85/5/2003Rate 3.014249
WJ King Scrummy Bitter 5.04/2/2008Rate 2.692
WJ King Single Hop Ale W.G.V. Hops 4.211/16/2000Rate 2.852
WJ King South Downs Ale (alias) 5.17/28/2011
WJ King Spring Ale 4.11/2/2003Rate 2.651016
WJ King Summer Ale 4.05/27/2004Rate 2.883511
WJ King Sussex Downs Ale 5.17/28/2011Rate 2.944
WJ King Torpedo 5.04/25/2011Rate 2.932
WJ King Two Malt Brew 5.22/10/2006Rate 2.756
WJ King Winters T’Ale 4.11/16/2007Rate 2.935

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