Yakima Brewing And Malting Co./Bert Grants Real Ales

(Out Of Business)

Operated 1982 to 2005
Bert Grants Amber Ale (retired) 5.55/19/2000Rate 3.2718913
Bert Grants Anvil Head Ale (retired) -4/26/2002Rate 3.23759135
Bert Grants Deep Powder Winter Ale (retired) -11/24/2000Rate 3.32799489
Bert Grants Fresh Hop Ale (retired) 5.210/20/2000Rate 3.23756999
Bert Grants Glorious Golden Ale (retired) 4.611/24/2000Rate 3.115
Bert Grants Harvest Festival Hop Ale (retired) -11/18/2002Rate 3.071
Bert Grants HefeWeizen (retired) 4.28/15/2000Rate 2.87314735
Bert Grants Hopzilla IPA (retired) 5.02/1/2004Rate 3.448978193
Bert Grants Imperial Stout (retired) 6.05/19/2000Rate 3.388626222
Bert Grants India Pale Ale (retired) 4.25/19/2000Rate 2.72213205
Bert Grants Lazy Days Pale Ale (retired) -6/29/2002Rate 2.89412570
Bert Grants Mandarin Hefeweizen (retired) 4.26/16/2003Rate 2.772549175
Bert Grants Perfect Porter (retired) 4.04/24/2000Rate 3.479191249
Bert Grants Scottish Style Ale (retired) 4.75/6/2000Rate 3.094868218
Bert Grants Springfest Ale (retired) 5.611/24/2000Rate 3.055
Bert Grants Summer Ale (retired) 4.55/27/2000Rate 3.29829814
Bert Grants Winter Ale (alias) (retired) 6.04/24/2000
Yakima Admiral Ale (retired) -3/10/2005Rate 3.28

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