Opened initially in a Motorcycle showroom in May 1996. There have been several expansions since then. In Dec 2008 taken over by Mitchells Hotels (prev Mitchells Brewery of Lancaster shown under its own name on this site). The Last Drop Inn is used as the Brewery Tap, 4 other pubs are owned as listed on the attached website.
York All Seeing Rye 3.97/26/2015Rate 2.937
York Ashes Ale 4.37/22/2005Rate 2.814
York Autumn Kiss 4.511/20/2010Rate 2.913
York Beta Max 3.72/16/2015Rate 3.14
York Big Dog 41/28/2012Rate 2.923
York Birds n Bees 4.33/18/2004Rate 2.86
York Bitter 44/14/2003Rate 3.04497910
York Black Bess Stout 4.210/21/2003Rate 3.26745211
York Blonde 3.98/14/2011Rate 3.24639311
York Bramling Cross 48/1/2009Rate 2.811
York Brideshead Bitter 411/16/2000Rate 3.02477429
York Busy Lizzie (retired) 4.16/18/2002Rate 2.841
York Cardinal 46/26/2015Rate 0
York Cascade 44/18/2005Rate 3.263
York Cascadian Summer 3.96/28/2016Rate 2.891
York Centennial 42/12/2007Rate 3.21729410
York Centurion’s Ghost Ale (Bottle) 5.411/17/2000Rate 3.44879857
York Centurion’s Ghost Ale (Cask) 5.45/29/2002Rate 3.518999111
York Challenger Pale Ale 4.22/28/2006Rate 3.031
York Chariot of Fire (retired) 4.18/11/2004Rate 2.9345010
York Christmas Cracker 4.512/28/2010Rate 2.881
York Citra (retired) 47/10/2011Rate 3.15
York Clusters 42/9/2010Rate 2.831
York Conspiracy Ale 4.511/10/2010Rate 2.976
York Constantine 4.31/10/2009Rate 2.89384115
York Coppergate 4.311/3/2009Rate 3.03487813
York Cream of the Crop (retired) 58/15/2003Rate 3.181
York Crystal 49/27/2010Rate 2.791
York Dark Knight 4.53/4/2004Rate 3.25755013
York Decade 4.17/4/2006Rate 3.26739821
York Dickies Bits 3.93/15/2013Rate 2.831
York Dino-Sore-Arse 3.53/18/2013Rate 2.761
York Dr. Rudi 410/25/2015Rate 2.961
York Dragon Slayer 4.34/21/2012Rate 2.811
York Ebor Ale 4.310/1/2006Rate 3.193
York El Dorado 47/20/2013Rate 2.92
York Englands Pride 4.37/21/2010Rate 2.994
York Final Whistle (retired) 3.95/15/2004Rate 3.045
York First Light 3.82/28/2011Rate 3.1488110
York Fresh Hop 4.24/5/2011Rate 2.791
York Full Bloom (retired) 4.16/11/2003Rate 3.162
York Gannet 3.74/20/2006Rate 3.257
York Glory 4.28/1/2007Rate 2.691
York Gold 3.65/20/2013Rate 38
York Golden Harvest 4.110/1/2008Rate 2.892
York Goldings 42/25/2006Rate 3.024
York Good Arse 3.62/20/2013Rate 2.742
York Great Walls Of Fire 5.12/5/2014Rate 2.841
York Guzzler (Bottle) 411/14/2012Rate 3.07426520
York Guzzler (Cask) 3.64/3/2003Rate 3.084368104
York Hallertauer 43/25/2005Rate 3.071
York Humbug 4.512/12/2011Rate 2.953
York Imperium 6.510/30/2015Rate 3.437
York IPA 59/19/2003Rate 3.01434424
York Last Drop Bitter 4.55/23/2004Rate 3.16667211
York Legacy 48/27/2012Rate 2.841
York Legion IX 6.51/22/2016Rate 3.365
York Liberty 47/24/2006Rate 3.153
York Lubelski 47/25/2007Rate 2.921
York March Madness 3.84/2/2009Rate 2.831
York Micklegate (Bottle) 6.112/12/2011Rate 3.0851439
York Micklegate 6% (Cask) 63/5/2015Rate 3.084
York Micklegate Porter 4.81/17/2013Rate 2.945
York Mild 3.36/1/2010Rate 2.692
York Minster Ale 4.23/23/2004Rate 3.09447142
York Missouri Gold 45/7/2016Rate 2.963
York Mistletoe Magic 4.812/13/2008Rate 2.964
York MLud 43/12/2004Rate 2.921
York Mosaic 42/15/2015Rate 0
York Mostly Ghostly 5.41/9/2016Rate 3.16
York Motueka 42/28/2011Rate 2.931
York Mount Cook 47/24/2014Rate 2.771
York Naughty Noelle 4.512/25/2011Rate 2.852
York Nelson Sauvin 48/3/2008Rate 3.33779611
York Nice Jugs 4.37/19/2010Rate 2.791
York Nippy Nights 4.512/13/2006Rate 3.023
York Nordic Fury 4.33/2/2008Rate 3.156
York Nugget 48/1/2007Rate 3.317
York Oakademy Of Excellence 3.78/2/2012Rate 2.933
York Off the Wall - Black & Weisse 4.84/3/2016Rate 2.851
York Off The Wall - Brew 55 55/8/2015Rate 3.052
York Off The Wall - Ein Stein Bitte 5.52/16/2015Rate 2.952
York Off The Wall - Finnishing Touch 54/5/2014Rate 2.965
York Off The Wall - Jolly Old St Nick 61/7/2015Rate 2.761
York Off The Wall - Koma 5.58/2/2014Rate 3.27
York Off The Wall - Migratory Coconut Stout 3.91/22/2016Rate 3.022
York Off The Wall - Pilau Weisse 4.512/5/2014Rate 2.761
York Off The Wall - Rhubarb Pale 4.85/16/2015Rate 2.891
York Off The Wall - Tiwah 5.58/2/2014Rate 2.872
York Off The Wall - Tomahawk 63/25/2014Rate 2.862
York Off The Wall - Velo-City (Bottle) 4.55/29/2014Rate 2.884
York Off the Wall - Velo-City (Cask) 2.87/16/2014Rate 2.741
York Oh Vienna! 411/29/2015Rate 3.042
York Otherside IPA 4.58/4/2015Rate 3.068
York Pacific Gem 4.21/24/2013Rate 2.822
York Peaches & Cream 3.97/6/2007Rate 2.842
York Peacock’s Pride 48/27/2012Rate 2.922
York Pioneer 44/30/2010Rate 2.894
York Pride 4.36/19/2012Rate 2.812
York Pride of York 4.85/7/2011Rate 3.158
York Pure Gold 58/18/2008Rate 3.28
York Red Hot 4.17/13/2012Rate 2.762
York Royal York 410/9/2005Rate 3.071
York Rye Humour (retired) 4.54/11/2009Rate 3426521
York Saaz 44/5/2006Rate 2.844
York Score 3.95/23/2016Rate 2.912
York Score XX 75/23/2016Rate 3.197
York Scrum Down 4.310/3/2011Rate 2.934
York Silly Mid Off (retired) 3.87/30/2003Rate 31
York Sizzler (retired) 4.38/8/2003Rate 3.324
York Snowflake 3.712/24/2013Rate 3.135
York Sorachi Ace 48/5/2015Rate 3.112
York Sovereign 46/15/2007Rate 2.722
York SPA 5.55/8/2007Rate 3.264
York Special Christmas Brew 4.412/15/2006Rate 3.071
York Spring Fever 4.14/25/2009Rate 2.883
York Stocking Filler 4.812/23/2002Rate 3.1545936
York Stonewall Bitter (Bottle) 3.76/1/2003Rate 2.84312815
York Stonewall Bitter (Cask) 3.77/6/2002Rate 2.98456231
York Summer Sizzler 3.77/27/2014Rate 0
York Swing Low (retired) 4.85/1/2002Rate 3.071
York Tettnang 47/10/2010Rate 2.863
York Three Kings 4.51/5/2010Rate 2.97
York Three Legs Bitter (alias) 4.51/14/2005
York Wild Wheat (Wicked Wheat) 4.19/20/2005Rate 2.8273216
York Willamette 44/22/2011Rate 2.895
York Winter Wobbler 4.51/29/2002Rate 2.93
York Wonkey Donkey 4.51/14/2003Rate 3.14619217
York Yorkshire Terrier (Bottle) 4.25/8/2002Rate 3.11458454
York Yorkshire Terrier (Cask) 4.24/2/2003Rate 3.185293103
York You Mocha Me Mad 5.211/22/2015Rate 31
York Yuletide Ale 4.812/6/2007Rate 2.945
.Places associated: Ring O’ Bells (Mitchells), Three Legged Mare (York), Yorkshire Terrier (York), Mr Foleys Cask Ale House (York), Last Drop Inn (York), York Brewery and Tap Room.
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