(Out Of Business)
Commercial Brewery

Founded in 1831. Brewing ceased in October 2006 following the formation of the Wells & Youngs brewing company and the transfer of production to Bedford. Youngs continues to operate as a pub operating company. In 2011 Youngs sold its stake in Wells & Youngs to Charles Wells. In early 2015, Charles Wells changed the name of all of its operations back to the original Charles Wells name and Wells & Youngs ceased to exist. Currently (2015) Young’s branded beers are prodced for the Young’s pub company under a rolling contract. It is not entirely clear who the ultimate owner of the Young’s beer brands is so the beers remain listed under Charles Wells for the time being.
Youngs 175th Anniversary Ale (retired) 7.57/16/2006Rate 3.21736726
Youngs Acclaim (retired) 4.02/14/2001Rate 2.79293525
Youngs Brown Ale (retired) 3.14/19/2002Rate 2.477
Youngs Burton (retired) 5.74/23/2005Rate 3.377
Youngs Celebration GBG 30 (retired) 5.612/23/2002Rate 3.17637718
Youngs Damselfly (retired) 5.06/20/2000Rate 3.112
Youngs Dirty Dicks Ale (retired) 4.17/23/2000Rate 3.154990415
Youngs Elysium (retired) 4.06/4/2002Rate 2.9394832
Youngs Elysium (Cask) (retired) 4.02/12/2003Rate 31
Youngs Export (retired) 5.06/20/2000Rate 2.53184711
Youngs Extra Light (retired) 1.02/26/2004Rate 1.736
Youngs Golden Jubilee Beer (retired) 4.05/25/2014Rate 2.612
Youngs Golden Zest (retired) 4.78/16/2003Rate 2.84324160
Youngs Golden Zest (Cask) (retired) 4.78/16/2004Rate 2.7232522
Youngs John Youngs Christmas Ale (retired) 5.012/28/2003Rate 3464350
Youngs Kew Brew (retired) 5.07/8/2004Rate 3.06465070
Youngs Kew Brew (Cask) (retired) 4.43/10/2006Rate 2.825
Youngs Lords Beer (retired) 4.06/21/2002Rate 2.3413945
Youngs Old Nick (Cask) (retired) 7.27/21/2005Rate 3.14
Youngs Pilsner (retired) 4.06/20/2000Rate 2.55188927
Youngs Summer Beer (retired) 4.512/9/2001Rate 2.926
Youngs Triple A (retired) 4.02/8/2001Rate 2.89353740

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