Maddhatters Mercury (alias) 5.07/8/2005
Yukon 39 1/2 Foot Pole Black Currant Ale 6.79/26/2013Rate 2.84295618
Yukon All Hallow’s Pumpkin Ale -2/6/2011Rate 2.963
Yukon Arctic Red 5.51/18/2001Rate 3.327191116
Yukon Aroma Borealis Herbal Cream Ale 4.57/20/2004Rate 2.91374230
Yukon Belgian Gothic Saison -6/18/2013Rate 3.14492213
Yukon Black Currant Kölsch -12/19/2013Rate 2.741
Yukon Blokes Poke Extra Special Bitter 5.05/25/2013Rate 2.862
Yukon Bonanza Brown 5.02/1/2013Rate 3.03403927
Yukon Boreal Forest Herbal Cream Ale (alias) -9/30/2013
Yukon Brewers’ A.D.D. Series 001 Birch Marzen 5.010/20/2011Rate 2.93374715
Yukon Brewers’ A.D.D. Series 002 Spiced Winter Ale (alias) 6.012/24/2011
Yukon Brewers’ A.D.D. Series 003 Imperial IPA 8.05/11/2012Rate 3.0246418
Yukon Brewers’ A.D.D. Series 004 Pumpkin (alias) -9/29/2013
Yukon Brewers’ A.D.D. Series 005 Cascadian 6.011/15/2012Rate 3.23702010
Yukon Brewers’ A.D.D. Series 007 Saison (alias) 4.76/9/2013
Yukon Buffalo Stance Robust Porter 5.65/3/2015Rate 3.092
Yukon Chilkoot Amber (alias) -7/31/2000
Yukon Chilkoot Grizzly Wheat Hefeweizen 4.52/17/2001Rate 2.797
Yukon Chilkoot Lager 5.010/25/2003Rate 2.72199636
Yukon Chocolate Ale 5.04/17/2007Rate 2.73
Yukon Crude Stout 5.09/30/2013Rate 0
Yukon D Is for Dark -7/1/2016Rate 31
Yukon Deadman Creek Cranberry Wheat Ale 4.75/25/2004Rate 2.69183447
Yukon Dial K For Kolsch 5.22/27/2015Rate 3.27
Yukon Discovery Fireweed Honey Ale 5.54/11/2007Rate 2.89362334
Yukon Double Trouble 9.96/29/2011Rate 2.984
Yukon Dr. Snow Imperial Pilsner 6.94/18/2016Rate 3.084
Yukon English Mild (retired) -9/30/2013Rate 0
Yukon Goesting Dubbel 6.34/4/2016Rate 3.092
Yukon Gold 5.011/17/2000Rate 2.842632110
Yukon Holiday Kolsch 5.05/30/2014Rate 2.96354918
Yukon I’m Leaving Today APA -12/16/2015Rate 3.217
Yukon Ice Fog IPA 6.07/9/2009Rate 3.02391278
Yukon IPA (retired) 5.04/17/2007Rate 3.213
Yukon Jelly Donut Raspberry Ale 5.012/13/2012Rate 3.065
Yukon Lead Dog Ale 7.07/21/2002Rate 3.4809174
Yukon Longest Day White IPA -7/1/2016Rate 31
Yukon Longest Night Black IPA 6.09/30/2013Rate 3.16491335
Yukon McQuensten Birch -8/15/2008Rate 2.92
Yukon Megalomaniac Imperial Red 8.04/21/2012Rate 3.066
Yukon Midnight Sun Espresso Stout 6.24/14/2004Rate 3.599394328
Yukon Out of the Ordinary Bitter 3.711/28/2015Rate 2.981
Yukon Over The Moon Milk Stout -12/19/2013Rate 3.3980719
Yukon Peter Peter Pumpkin Beer -10/20/2011Rate 0
Yukon Pilsner -8/13/2008Rate 2.852
Yukon Porter 6.33/11/2011Rate 3.072
Yukon Rapscallion’s Cousine Roggenbock 6.53/16/2015Rate 3.23626512
Yukon Razz-a-ma-Tazz Raspberry Wheat Ale -10/20/2011Rate 0
Yukon Secret Service Imperial IPA 8.112/9/2014Rate 3.18501112
Yukon Snow Blind India Pale Ale 5.512/27/2008Rate 2.924189
Yukon Some Like It Haskap! Kolsch 5.03/29/2016Rate 3.095
Yukon Spiced Winter Ale 6.012/24/2011Rate 3.0245499
Yukon Spirit Dog Extra Strong Olde English Ale 114/18/2016Rate 3.25
Yukon The Angry Hessian 5.09/29/2013Rate 2.938
Yukon Twinkle in Her Eye Fruitcake Ale -12/19/2013Rate 2.85
Yukon Up The Creek 5.07/22/2014Rate 3.05414710
Yukon Yer Gallus Scottish Export Ale 5.28/3/2013Rate 3.095
Yukon You Only Live Once Imperial Red Ale 7.51/19/2015Rate 2.943
Yukon You’d Be Surprised Raspberry Citrus Ale 5.46/3/2016Rate 2.927
.Associated place: Yukon Brewing Company.
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