the best beers of argentina

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Argentina as they appear in the ranks at RateBeer.com. Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

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1Murrays IPA   3.368India Pale Ale (IPA)
2Araucana Rojiza Fuerte   3.3417Doppelbock
3Antares Imperial Stout   3.2993Imperial Stout
4Antares IPA   3.2317India Pale Ale (IPA)
5La Loggia Imperial Stout   3.229Imperial Stout
6Murrays Old Ale   3.215Old Ale
7Barba Roja Barrel Aged Red Ale   3.1957American Strong Ale
8El Bolson Negra Extra   3.1811Dunkel/Tmavı
9Buller Dry Stout   3.1621Dry Stout
10Kraken Imperial Stout   3.167Imperial Stout
11Bersaglier Cream Stout   3.154Stout
12Araucana Negra Bock   3.1517Dunkler Bock
13Del Castillo Stout Ahumada   3.157Smoked
14Corsario Negro Redbitter   3.149Bitter
15Sixtofer Oatmeal Stout   3.137Sweet Stout
16Cardos Lager Pilsen   3.128Pilsener
17Berlina Foreign Stout   3.1114Foreign Stout
18Buller India Pale Ale   3.1123India Pale Ale (IPA)
19Jerome Negra   3.1082Stout
20Cardos Barley Wine   3.1017Barley Wine
21Blest Bock   3.1015Dunkler Bock
22Cardos Stout Cream   3.0911Stout
23Antares Cream Stout   3.0910Stout
24Jerome Nochebuena Ale   3.098Spice/Herb/Vegetable
25Kraken American IPA   3.086India Pale Ale (IPA)
26Stone (Argentina) Stout   3.085Dry Stout
27Antares Tripel   3.079Abbey Tripel
281420 Stout   3.066Stout
29Beagle Fuegian Ale (Rubia)   3.068Golden Ale/Blond Ale
30Murrays Irish Dry Stout   3.056Dry Stout
31Murrays Golden Ale   3.055Golden Ale/Blond Ale
32Beagle Fuegian Stout (Negra)   3.0416Stout
33Araucana Rubia Extra Fuerte   3.0412Heller Bock
34Araucana Rojiza Cordillerana   3.0319Amber Ale
35Beagle Fuegian Cream Stout   3.039Sweet Stout
36Corsario Negro Oatmeal Stout   3.029Sweet Stout
37Del Castillo Barley Wine   3.024Barley Wine
38Kraken Scottish Strong Ale   3.015Scotch Ale
39Viejo Munich Doppelbock (Negra)   3.016Doppelbock
40Barba Roja Diabla   3.0116Irish Ale
41El Bolson Extra Negra XXX   3.0117Doppelbock
42Antares X   3.013Belgian Strong Ale
43Corsario Negro Golden Ale   3.007Golden Ale/Blond Ale
44Corsario Negro Black Porter   3.007Porter
45El Bolson Negra Ahumada   3.0013Smoked
46Gülmen Barley Wine   3.0010Barley Wine
47Viejo Munich Blanca (Rubía) Pilsen   3.007Pilsener
48Viejo Munich Roja   3.007Amber Ale
49Cossab Bitter Ale   3.004Bitter
50Antares Wee Heavy   3.002Scotch Ale

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