Best Beers Of Costa Rica

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Costa Rica as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

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1Costa Rica’s Segua Red Ale 3.2436Irish Ale
2O.S. Beer Uran 3.231India Pale Ale (IPA)
3Costa Rica’s Malacrianza Scottish Ale 3.175Scottish Ale
4O.S. Beer Nikkos 3.162Amber Ale
5O.S. Beer Golden Stout 3.151Stout
6Belmar Dos Mares 3.151India Pale Ale (IPA)
7PerroVida Diogenes 3.151Imperial IPA
8Tamarindo Witch’s Rock Pale Ale 3.1211American Pale Ale
9Sin Corbata Gallina De Palo 3.091Golden Ale/Blond Ale
10Costa Rica’s Libertas Tropical Golden Ale 3.0834Golden Ale/Blond Ale
11Treintaycinco Lora 3.063Belgian Strong Ale
12Treintaycinco Maldita Vida 3.055Barley Wine
13Treintaycinco La Pelona 3.034India Pale Ale (IPA)
14Costa Rica’s Wheat Beer With Cas 3.033Wheat Ale
15O.S. Beer San Diego IPA 3.021Imperial IPA
16Treintaycinco 212 IPA 3.001India Pale Ale (IPA)
17La Cofradía San Pamela 3.001India Pale Ale (IPA)
18Costa Rica’s Escalante 2.963Amber Ale
19Treintaycinco Tumba Calzones 2.935Saison
20Sin Corbata HOPi IPA 2.921India Pale Ale (IPA)
21La Selva Naranja 2.921Amber Ale
22Treintaycinco Majadera 2.913Imperial IPA
23Beéche Wee Heavy 2.891Scotch Ale
24Lake Arenal Blonde Pińa 2.891Golden Ale/Blond Ale
25Adamá Dark Ale with Banana 2.881Fruit Beer
26Dry Season Brew Lab Hashish 2.871Smoked
27La Bruja Zarate 2.871Amber Ale
28Dry Season Brew Lab Babylon 2.871Imperial Stout
29Adamá Cafe STOUT 2.871Sweet Stout
30Treintaycinco Mamacandela 2.863Sweet Stout
31Bri Bri Springs Oso’s Honey Brown 2.862Brown Ale
32Cervecera del Centro Trigueńa 2.862German Hefeweizen
33Calle Cimarrona Malinche 2.861Witbier
34Lake Arenal Pale Ale 2.853American Pale Ale
35La Familia Mi Mama 2.851Golden Ale/Blond Ale
36La Micro Domingo Tano Manso 2.842Wheat Ale
37Calle Cimarrona Roosevelt 2.841India Pale Ale (IPA)
38Costa Rica’s IPA 2.841India Pale Ale (IPA)
39Costa Rica’s Pale Ale 2.841American Pale Ale
40Lake Arenal Dunkel 2.842Dunkel/Tmavý
41Beéche Chipotle Porter 2.831Spice/Herb/Vegetable
42Treintaycinco TreintayC 2.831India Pale Ale (IPA)
43Treintaycinco Malportada 2.823Amber Ale
44O.S. Beer Double Black IPA 2.811Black IPA
45Treintaycinco Japi Ending 2.811Specialty Grain
46Bri Bri Springs Sun Down Brown Ale 2.812Brown Ale
47Tamarindo Witch’s Rock Gato Malo 2.813Brown Ale
48Bri Bri Springs Caribe Sur Barley Wine 2.801Barley Wine
49Adamá Amber Ale 2.801Amber Ale
50La Selva Castańa 2.791India Pale Ale (IPA)