Best Beers Of Japan

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Japan as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Shiga Kogen 10th Anniversary IPA 3.8444India Pale Ale (IPA)
2Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout 3.821104Stout
3Shonan Ichiro’s Malt Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Stout 3.8110Imperial Stout
4AJB - Imperiality 3.8017Imperial Stout
5Shiga Kogen Takashi Ichiro  3.7713Imperial Stout
6Hidatakayama Karumina 3.7536Belgian Strong Ale
7Yorocco Skywalker IPA 3.7410India Pale Ale (IPA)
8Yorocco Cultivator  3.7311Belgian Ale
9Shonan Belgian Stout 3.7315Stout
10Swan Lake Imperial Stout 3.7220Imperial Stout
11Fujizakura Heights Rauch Bock 3.7223Smoked
12Shiga Kogen W-IBA Masaji the Great  3.7116Black IPA
13Kyoto Brewing Ichii Senshin 3.7117India Pale Ale (IPA)
14Tamamura-Honten Yamabushi Saison 2: Saison Noir Aged in Oak Barrels 3.7017Saison
15Shonan Imperial Stout 3.6914Imperial Stout
16Yorocco Black Saint 3.699Imperial Porter
17Hideji Kuri Kuro (Dark Chestnut Ale) 3.6911Imperial Stout
18Minoh Imperial Stout 3.6862Imperial Stout
19Tamamura Honten (Shiga Kogen) Masaji Ichiro Bourbon Barrel Aged W-IBA 3.688American Strong Ale
20Baird Dark Sky Imperial Stout 3.67214Imperial Stout
21Tamamura Honten (Shiga Kogen) House IPA 3.6678Imperial IPA
22Shiga Kogen Isseki Sancho 3.6610Belgian Strong Ale
23Hitachino Nest XH  3.66834Belgian Strong Ale
24Sankt Gallen Imperial Chocolate Stout (2009-) 3.6540Imperial Stout
25Y Market Meitei King 3.657Imperial Stout
26Shiga Kogen IBA 3.6522Black IPA
27Thrashzone Brew Labo World Downfall Stout 3.6511Stout
28Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie 3.6412Saison
29Y Market Yellow Sky Pale Ale 3.648American Pale Ale
30Sankt Gallen El Diablo 3.6426Barley Wine
31Yorocco Kinkan Blonde 3.647Fruit Beer
32Fujizakura Heights Weizen Bock 3.6311Weizen Bock
33Coedo / Stone / Garage Project Tsuyu Saison 3.635Saison
34Y Market Purple Sky Pale Ale  3.6210American Pale Ale
35Shiga Kogen Takashi Imperial Stout 3.6246Imperial Stout
36Kyoto Brewing Nidomemashite 3.626Imperial IPA
37Baird Suruga Bay Imperial IPA 3.62371Imperial IPA
38Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft #1 3.628Weizen Bock
39Shonan Chocolate Porter 3.6115Porter
40Fujizakura Heights Weizen 3.6147German Hefeweizen
41Noboribetsu (Oni Densetsu) / Y Market I, Pa King 3.614Imperial IPA
42Tamamura Honten (Shiga Kogen) Masaji Ichiro Chichibu Barrel Aged W-IBA 3.617American Strong Ale
43Y Market Distortion IPA 3.617Imperial IPA
44Fujizakura Heights Rauch Weizenbock 3.6110Smoked
45Tamamura-Honten The Far East Barrel Aged Imperial House IPA 3.6031American Strong Ale
46Hidatakayama Stout 3.6017Stout
47Hideji (Hana no) White Weizen 3.5914Witbier
48Oh! La! Ho Biere de Raiden Fuyu Shikomi Porter 3.5911Porter
49Y Market Yofukashi Queen 3.598Barley Wine
50Nihonkai Club Pilsner 3.5916Czech Pilsner (Světlý)