GABF Falling Rock Beer Tasting with Dr. Bill

Saturday, September 26, 2009 - 9:00 pm
Falling Rock Tap House
1919 Blake Srteet
Denver, CO, USA 80202


Chris Black has once again graciously given me the downstairs of the FR on Saturday Sept. 26th during the GABF for my annual tasting. Iím looking at 9pm to closing unless there is a consensus to start earlier.
For those of you who havenít attended my previous events we ask for a $20 contribution to help pay for the beers we will order from Chris and to tip out the service staff. Also feel free to bring beers you may want to share, think of a smaller RBSG grand tasting. That being said I will be pouring over 100 rare and exotic offerings. A few teasers would be; LA Duck Duck Gooze, Santaís Little Helper aged in Bourbon barrels, Angelís Share, Cuvee de Tomme, RR Temptation, Consecration, Deviation, Bottleworks 10th Anniversary, The Bruery Papier, Alesmith BA Speedway, etc., etc., etc.. Iím sure some of the previous years attendees will have some imput on the event.

Dr. Bill

Cost: $20

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