Great Divide Opens Their Doors To RateBeer

Friday, September 25, 2009 - 10.30 to noon
Great Divide Brewing
2201 Arapahoe Street
Denver, CO, USA 80205


All RateBeerians are invited to taste Great Divide, tour the facility and meet the folks behind the brews. This has been a great event in the past. Make this one folks! More details forthcoming.

Cost: free

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fly in Fri AM and will see if I can make it there by noon
        fly, 9/24/2009
Went to this last time I was at GABF. This time Iíll keep my clothes on. Promise. Oh, and Iíve seen Tim with bells on; itís very cute so have your cameras ready.
        KAggie97, 9/21/2009
10:30am? I will be there, bleary eyed with bells on.
        theisti, 9/14/2009


If You're Staying Local
Booking here supports RateBeer! Have a safe and enjoyable time.