RBWG Florida 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010 - Saturday, March 13, 2010 -
Orlando and Tampa
Orlando, FL, USA


RateBeerís Winter gathering of beer fans includes visits to the best local beer spots and the Grand Tasting - an epic tasting of a potluck brews from the cellars of some of the greatest beer collectors on earth. A weekend long celebration of great weather, great beers and great friends.


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looking forward to drinking ALL the good beers!
        alexofbelgium, 3/8/2010
looking forward to drinking ALL the good beers!
        alexofbelgium, 3/8/2010
Oooh anyone want to pick me up a growler at CCB in Tampa and bring it to redlight?
        vivalanation, 3/3/2010
anyone know how to pay for the bus to tampa?please let me know
        DJJOSHAARON, 3/1/2010
It is with a saddened heart that I have to say that I can not make this fucking trip. I am too busy with a new venture, shit.
        footbalm, 2/24/2010
Central Florida represent!
        deliciosity, 1/28/2010
stevo and jo are in like flint. see everyone there. cheerstevo
        decaturstevo, 1/24/2010
just pulled out some gems from the cellar and packed them away for the grand tasting. Booked the hotel. Booked the bus. Let me know if anyone needs some stuff from my cellar, Iíll be driving so I can bring all sorts of stuff. -Keith
        fata2683, 1/16/2010
With people flying into central Florida from Dallas, San Francisco, Missouri, Utah, etc. this event is pretty much guaranteed not to suck! RBWG 2010 is definitely, positively, extremely ON!
        hopscotch, 12/31/2009
this wonít suck
        gunhaver, 12/18/2009
Iíve got some sour stuff waiting to bust loose. Be prepared though, Iím quite the combative a-hole when sober!
        flabeer, 12/8/2009
Iím all over this! Gotta make the long haul from Tampa haha. Anyone need restaurant recoís, let me know, Iím a serial foodie and lived in whorlando for 6 years before moving to Tampa in 05
        AskDrTodd, 12/7/2009
Oh hell yeah!
        Rciesla, 12/3/2009
To bad this isnít a week later or Iíd be there.
        aracauna, 11/30/2009
will be there!
        rbrazell, 11/27/2009
Wow, Iím pulling it off -- Kathyís agreed to watch the two kids (one ~40 days old) and stay with my folks in Clearwater while Iím attending RBWG. Iíll meet folks in Tampa on Friday, and drive over to Orlando for Saturday.
        argo0, 11/24/2009
Canít wait!
        psaunders, 11/18/2009
Im in.
        JW77, 11/13/2009
Looking more likely that I can attend.
        JCB, 11/9/2009
Im a BIG maybe
        ucusty, 11/8/2009
count me in!!
        boomer0813, 11/3/2009
i will bring some ziegen bock. its brewed especially for texas!!
        Rosebud butternuts, 11/3/2009
wait willblake is coming now? Itís on!!!!!!
        TURDFERGUSON, 10/31/2009
Will there be any good beer or should I grab a sixer of Bud Light Golden Wheat on my way?
        NYHarvey, 10/27/2009
Wouldnt miss it for the world.
        BrianDorry55, 10/20/2009
Gonna do my best to make it.
        rudolf, 10/14/2009
This was kickass last year. Count me in for this year. Fuck Yeah!!!!
        Dickinsonbeer, 10/12/2009
Man I gotta find a way to get there.
        daknole, 10/9/2009
Iím gonna try like hell to make it!
        tyler_mn, 10/8/2009
i know i shouldnt, but i checked flight prices. and im sure my wife will be delightd that the price was tooo steep to justify.
        cgarvieuk, 10/8/2009
Fuck it. Why not?
        xmarcnolanx, 10/4/2009