Bistro’s DIPA Fest

Saturday, February 06, 2010 - 11AM-7PM
1001 B Street
Hayward, CA, USA 94541


10th Annual DIPA Fest. More coming later!

Cost: ?

Contact Info

Vic Kralj
(510) 886-8525


@ratman197 I see you havent rated King Cobra Malt Liquor, Schlitz Bull Ice, or Milwaukee’s Best Ice. A 40oz of KC and a tall can of each of the other two should be about $8. Deal?
        t0rin0, 1/28/2010
I can bring Avery Black Tot(value $8) for in person trade at the Bistro. Looking for beers I have’nt rated. BM me if interested.
        Ratman197, 1/25/2010
Well, theoretically you’re right, but I was planning to get up to Santa Rosa, drink myself silly on PtY, and come home with a few growlers. Would be tough to fit a Bistro trip in there.
        nickd717, 12/14/2009
When you say Younger, are you refering to RR Pliny the Younger that they had on tap at last years Bistro’s DIPA Fest? So, possibly no suck?
        fidel, 12/10/2009
Here’s to hoping that I’m still in California by then.
        SamGamgee, 11/27/2009