Woodshop 5.0

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 12PM to 9PM-ish
Location details in The Invitation. . .
Anaheim, CA, USA



- Cheese spread at 12:00
- Beachwood BBQ at 1:00 for 90 minutes or so
- Bravo kitchen opens at 3:00 through the end of the party
(Food from Bravo usually ranges from about $3 to $6 for things like burgers, nachos, salads, quesadillas, tacos, chicken wings, chili dogs, etc.; cash and credit cards accepted)
- Glassware will be available at least up to the number of pre-paid admissions, and additional (nicer) beer stemware will be available for sale for $3-4 apiece (cash only). Feel free to bring your own glass if you choose.


- 2/18/10 - The pre-payment deadline has passed. If you want to attend and have not yet paid, your only option is $40 cash-in-hand at the door. Bring photo ID.

- 2/12/10 - We might have to cap pre-paid admissions as early as this weekend! Get your pre-payment in ASAP!

- 2/1/10 - Everyone signed up on RB Events Page should have received an invite. If you have not yet received one, send beermail to username "Woodshop."

- 1/28/10 - From here forward, please e-mail to ask permission BEFORE inviting additional guests.

$35/person prepay by end of day, February 18th, with Beachwood food and all beers included in cost. $40 at the door.

Beermail "WoodshopĒ or call Chris with questions.

Cost: $35 prepaid, $40 door

Contact Info

Chris Quiroga
Woodshop on RateBeer


I will be there for a couple hours, I always work this weekend, for years..Nascar race in Fontana, Required to work.
        Saarlander, 2/17/2010
Wonít be able to make it until around 7 due to work, but really happy I will be in the area for this one. Cheers!
        nbutler11, 2/17/2010
I canít wait. I have a few bottles Iím excited to share with you guys!
        LtDan, 2/5/2010
joet will be there??? Iíll believe it when I see it, and shake his hand. . .
        cquiroga, 2/5/2010
I think Joe will actually be making this one. He just needed a little push!
        kmweaver, 2/4/2010
As of right now (Monday, February 1st), everyone who is signed up on this page should have received an invitation. BM username "Woodshop" if you did not receive an invite.
        Woodshop, 2/1/2010
Yay...another event Joet slaps his name on but doesnt actually attend.
        DaSilky1, 1/28/2010
Yes he is :) Iím attending a conference in SF: 12th - 19th. Anyone going with car from SF Friday and Anaheim to SD or Santa Barbara Sunday, let me know if you have a spare seat. Likely plan: fri:Pasadena, sun:Santa Barbara, mon:Pizza Port, tue:back
        yespr, 1/27/2010
IS yespr really flying in?
        WeeHeavySD, 1/26/2010
Can we get an address so I can reserve a hotel room?
        SP23, 1/25/2010
If someone wants to bring that newly released Angelís Share grand cru I would be forever grateful.
        bret27, 1/22/2010
Alright, you jerks win. Iím coming to Woodshop instead of going to Boston.
        t0rin0, 1/17/2010
I might be going to the LA area for the following week for a work training class so coming down early for this might just be happening.
        SamGamgee, 1/13/2010
I so hope I can make it
        ironchefscott, 1/7/2010