Extreme Beer Fest

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 1-9:30pm
Boston, MA, USA 02117


Session 1: 1-4:30
Session 2: 6-9:30

Cost: 45$

Contact Info

No contact information provided


Wow!! The list of brews for session 1 & 2 look amazing and itís not even finalized yet:-)
        ygtbsm94, 2/3/2010
IF you want in on a tasting Friday night drop me an email and iíll give you the details. Cheers Ryan
        Rciesla, 2/2/2010
Just took a look at the list and I must say I cannot wait!
        Puddintane, 2/1/2010
All be at both nights if people want to meet up
        dogfish120love, 1/21/2010
Will be in town Mon 15th - Sun 21st if anyone wants to link up...any UK beer requests?
        reakt, 1/18/2010