Stone Oakquinox

Sunday, April 18, 2010 - 10am-Sunsent (7:19pm)
Stone Brewing Co.
1999 Citracado Parkway
Escondido, CA, USA 92029


Stone Oakquinox
April 18th, 2010
10am - sunset (7:19pm)

The newest star in our lineup, Stone Oakquinox*, will help satisfy your fundamental beer festival needs in between the Stone Winter Storm and Stone Sour Fest. This time you’ll get to revel in the glorious extravagance that ensues when beer meets wood. Join us for a celebration of this delicious union with dozens of barrel-aged and wood-infused brews. We’ll start the festivities at 10 am and keep going until sunset at precisely 7:19 pm. Dr. Bill has 70 kegs lined up and ready to go, and of course, he’s working on even more!

If you plan on dining with us, reservations are not required but they are strongly encouraged!

A $35 Oakquinox ticket includes:
• A commemorative glass
• 10 tasters (a few of the rarer beers will require two)
• The opportunity to buy extra tasters after your ten are gone

T-shirts available, too!
Stone Oakquinox t-shirts are available for purchase with your ticket. A men’s Oakquinox ticket/tee combo is $10 more, and a women’s ticket and tee is $12 more. This is a special pre-order price only: if we have any left by the day of the festival (and we may not!), they will cost $15/$17. Just make sure you know what size you wear and order the appropriate ticket!

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Cost: $35

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Of coursethere is abottle share
        DrBill, 4/15/2010
is anyone planning on sharing bottles here? like how it was at sour fest?
        mattolesh, 4/1/2010