Avery Brewing - Depuceleuse Release Tasting and Bottle Event

Friday, April 02, 2010 - 5PM to 8PM
Avery Tap Room
5757 Arapahoe Avenue, Unit B1
Boulder, CO, USA 80303


Denver-Boulder, CO; Greeley, CO; Colorado Springs, CO


The beer has spoken, and she is ready to be sipped and savored! After a year spent in zinfandel wine barrels in our barrel-aging cellars, Depuceleuse has matured and is primed to be bottled. Join us on Friday, April 2nd at the Avery Tap Room to celebrate the limited release of this sour cherry masterpiece!

A 100% brettanomyces fermentation gives this brew lots o funk throughout, intertwined with pungent elements of sour cherries, delicate aromas of aged wood and a gentle spice thanks to the zinfandel barrels. Adventurous and true to the spirit of our Barrel-Aged Series of one-and-done brews, Depuceleuse is a forceful departure from the mindset of traditional beer style and features a harmony of intriguing flavors. Seductive to the core, she lies patiently in the bottle awaiting the day to deflower virgins of the flavors of that wonderful wild yeast, brettanomyces!

Those who attend the release tasting will have the opportunity to purchase up to six bottles of Depuceleuse ($8.00 per 12oz. bottle) and sample up to 22 other Avery brews flowing from the taps.

Similar to past releases in the Barrel-Aged Series, limited quantities of Depuceleuse will be released in Colorado and select states across the country in the weeks following the release tasting.

Cost: Free Admission

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Fuck! Im going to be in New Mexico.
        notalush, 3/19/2010


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