PilsnerPeterís 2nd Annual Spring Gathering

Saturday, May 15, 2010 - Approximately 2pm
PilsnerPeterís Basement Social Room
25-11 Union St.
Flushing, NY, USA 11354


The only day the room was available was May 15th, so it is. I want to start around 2pm, and itíll go on until whenever. I want to cap this off at around 50 people due to space limits, and the fact that I donít want to be kicked out of my building. So if you plan on attending, please indicate that you are here on the events page. You know ratebeer gatherings go, bring beer! Iím looking forward to this!

Cost: Bring Beer!

Contact Info

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Bring glassware! I doubt I can supply everyone.
        PilsnerPeter, 5/11/2010
Iíve BMd PilsnerPeter to see if thereís room for 2 more, Kathy and I want to join in! cheers, john PilsnerPeter says thereís still room for us!!
        jcwattsrugger, 5/9/2010
damn, I am missing this just by a few days
        beastiefan2k, 5/2/2010
What about UTIs? If youíre into sadism and golden showers, thatís two birds with one stone.
        MaxxDaddy, 4/2/2010
Iím in for sure. Thanks for having this again. I had a blast last year.
        dogfish120love, 3/25/2010
Is it that havenít received one, or do they have to have passed it too?
        j12601, 3/25/2010