Bear Republic Sour Patch

Tuesday, July 06, 2010 - 6pm
Bar Great Harry
280 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY, USA 11231


What: Bear Republic Sour Patch

When: Tuesday, 7/6/2010, 6PM-10PM

Where: Bar Great Harry, 280 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY

1.Toyon Brut / CA / 5.5% / 12oz
2.Sour Crazy Ivan / CA / 7.1% / 12oz
3.Sour Black Mamba / CA / 5.3% / 12oz
4.Barrel Aged Grizz / CA / 9.7% / 12oz
5.Nectarine Barrel Aged Grizz / CA / 9.7 / 12oz
6.Prickly Pear Barrel Aged Griz / CA / 9.7 / 12oz
7.Racer 5 / CA / 6.5% / 16oz

Holy effin’ ess. You’ve been to Bear Republic events, but not like this one. Bear Republic started a crazy-ass sour program, in which they take a few of their already weird beers and referment them with
wild yeast and bacteria from Alexander Valley. These brews don’t often make the trip from left to right coasts, but we called in a favor and here they are. Rare? Yah. Odd? Prolly. But this is your chance to
taste some seriously interesting beers from one of America’s best breweries. We might add a couple normal Bear Republic brews so that you can repair your palate.


As always, prices will be nices and the meat and cheese will be free.

See you there, folks!

Cost: free

Contact Info

ben or mike


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